The Brothers' War is the epic retelling of the most consequential event in the Multiverse. This far-reaching epic event sets in motion nearly all that Magic is today, including being the catalyst for unleashing the greatest evil Magic has ever known—the Phyrexians.

After the events of Dominaria United, our heroes must peer into the past to save their future, and in doing so, they reveal the true story of the clash between the brothers Urza and Mishra. Prepare yourself for an unprecedented clash that decided the fate of all living things—and may do so yet again.

The Timeline We Know

Today, we're taking our first look at The Brothers' War, but there is much more to come. Below, you'll find important dates and information for The Brothers' War—set logos and details, when to tune in, when to pick up the story, and, of course, when you can play with the latest cards.

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The Brothers' War set logo

The Brothers' War set symbol
The Brothers' War
The Brothers' War Commander set symbol
The Brothers' War Commander

The Brothers' War Set Code: BRO

The Brothers' War Commander Set Code: BRC

Website: The Brothers' War

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Draft Booster Display
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Set Booster Display
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Collector Booster Display
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Jumpstart Booster Display
The Brothers' War Bundle
The Brothers' War Urza's Iron Alliance Prerelease Kit
Urza's Iron Alliance Prerelease Pack
The Brothers' War Mishra's Burnished Banner Prerelease Kit
Mishra's Burnished Banner Prerelease Pack
  • 30th Anniversary Kickoff Stream: October 4
  • The Brothers' War Story: October 20–26
  • Building Worlds Panel: October 20
  • Debut Video and Previews Begin: October 27
  • The Brothers' War Magic 30 Previews: October 28–30
  • The Brothers' War Previews Continue: October 31–November 4
  • WPN Game Store Prerelease Events: November 11–17
  • MTG Arena and Magic Online Release: November 15
  • The Brothers' War Global Release: November 18
  • WPN Game Store Commander Party Events: December 16–18

A War Between Brothers

Dominaria's past includes many stories, but the most formative of them is the namesake for the set: the Brothers' War. Before the timelines bled and the Multiverse itself was mended. Before the invasion of Phyrexians—the first invasion of Phyrexians—sundered the land. Before the Ice Age that froze the plane. (The end of the Brothers' War is what froze the plane.)

The events that led to repeated destruction and challenges for Dominaria began with egos in conflict and the clash of massive machines of war. These titanic weapons are featured on showcase mech basic lands: full-art mech basic lands showcase locations and the mechanical behemoths that battled there.






While there are non-full-art basic lands we'll show off later, these mech basic lands will be found in Draft, Set, and Collector Boosters.

It wouldn't be The Brothers' War without the brothers Urza and Mishra. The set features multiple versions of the larger-than-life legends. The pair—heroes of their own stories, and villains to the other—stand on either side of a conflict populated by legends throughout history. And no one looms larger in it than Urza. Literally.

Urza, Lord Protector
Urza, Planeswalker (top)
The Mightstone and the Weakstone
Urza, Planeswalker (bottom)

Urza, Planeswalker (top and bottom)

Meld returns to capture the grandiosity that is Urza in his Planeswalker form. (To see what becomes of his brother Mishra, tune in to on October 4 for our 30th Anniversary Kickoff Stream.)

As with the recent set, we are also releasing The Brothers' War Commander decks. These two decks were made with the aesthetic of traveling back in time to the battles during the namesake Brothers' War. Not only are they helmed by new versions of Urza and Mishra (in traditional foil, or with your foil-etched display commander), but every Magic card in the decks features the retro frame treatment.

Mishra, Eminent One
Mishra, Eminent One display commander
Display Commander
Urza, Chief Artificer
Urza, Chief Artificer display commander
Display Commander

Yes, every single card. New cards will be in the retro frame. Reprints will be in the retro frame (many for the first time). Lands will be in the retro frame. All of it—and here's a look at just a few of these.

Sol RingCommand TowerPreordain

Baleful StrixSkullclampReliquary Tower

For fans of the retro frame treatment, this is one Commander release you will not want to miss.

Plus, these versions of Urza and Mishra also get the typical extended-art treatment (using the modern Magic frame) in The Brothers' War Collector Boosters.

Extended-art Urza, Chief ArtificerExtended-art Mishra, Eminent One


You can get a variety of The Brothers' War promos through purchasing or playing at your local game store.

To start, if you participate in a Prerelease event starting November 11, you may receive one of these promos from a participating Wizards Play Network (WPN) store as part of Magic's 30th Anniversary celebration:

Wood Elves
Wood Elves
Wall of Roots
Wall of Roots
Loyal Retainers
Loyal Retainers

And in case you hadn't heard, for The Brothers' War, you'll now be able to purchase all product in any quantity during the Prerelease window. Set Boosters? You can get them. Collector Boosters? Kick off that collection early. Draft Boosters, Bundles, Commander decks, and Jumpstart Boosters? Yes, yes, yes, and yes.

If you purchase a box of Set, Draft, or Collector Boosters, you could get the Buy-a-Box promo Mishra's Foundry while supplies last.

Buy-a-Box promo Mishra's Foundry

But even if you miss out on that, Mishra's Foundry will be in the set as well, in both normal and extended-art form.

Mishra's FoundryExtended-art Mishra's Foundry

Bundles also come with promos, featuring one of the legendary characters who took sides in the Brothers' War, Queen Kayla bin-Kroog.

Bundle promo Queen Kayla bin-Kroog

The Queen also appears in regular and extended-art versions in The Brothers' War.

Queen Kayla bin-KroogExtended-art Queen Kayla bin-Kroog

Back in Time

Finally, with our heroes traveling back in time, we of course wanted to go with them. To do so, we've created a series of retro artifacts from throughout Magic's history, starting all the way back at Magic's beginning.

Retro frame Ivory TowerRetro frame Jalum Tome

Retro frame Lodestone GolemRetro frame Wurmcoil Engine

Retro frame artifact classics feature their own set symbol and can be found in Draft, Set, and Collector Boosters.

The Brothers' War Retro Frame Artifacts set symbol
Retro Frame Artifacts

Plus, we have one more twist in time: we've added a second, special set of retro frame artifacts with artwork that echoes a schematic one would use to build their own.

Retro schematic Ivory TowerRetro schematic Jalum Tome

Retro schematic Lodestone GolemRetro schematic Wurmcoil Engine

These can also generally be found in Draft, Set, and Collector Boosters.


Great question; lazy writing device. For the first time in a Magic booster product, we're introducing serialized versions of cards that will list how many exist, and which one you have. For example, we're printing 500 of each serialized retro schematic—which feature what we're calling double-rainbow foiling—in The Brothers' War Collector Boosters. Each one will be numbered with their number out of 500, and they'll only be available in Collector Boosters! (Non-serialized schematic artwork versions will be available, too.) It's certainly an exciting time to be a collector.

Wurmcoil Engine schematic artwork
Wurmcoil Engine | Art by: Raymond Swanland

We'll dive into all the information—from epic machines of war and the battlegrounds we'll tread to the crunchy details for all the incredible cards you'll find—when we kick off our The Brothers' War reveals on October 27.

And if you can't wait, rest assured: we have one more The Brothers' War reveal up our sleeve to share thanks to our friends over at Hasbro Pulse Con 2022. Stay tuned for their reveals so you don't miss it!