Wizards of the Coast is proud to have partnered with Extra Life since 2015, and last year we were named Extra Life Partner of the Year for 2020 when we raised over $1.6 million for local Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.


This year, we're back again to raise even more with the Magic community for Extra Life 2021! With a live streaming event on November 6, team-ups with fan-favorite destinations such as MTG Pro Shop, and your help by joining the Wizards of the Coast fundraising team, we can reach even higher to support Seattle Children's Hospital.

The Stream

You can watch our annual Extra Life charity stream on Saturday, November 6, beginning at 4 p.m. PT at twitch.tv/magic. This year, we have even more exciting Magic for you to watch—and to join in shaping with your donations:

  • Q&A with Mark Rosewater, hosted by Sara Harless
  • Flavorful stakes with Ironroot Chef, this time on MTG Arena, featuring Gavin Verhey, Aaron Forsythe, Melissa DeTora, and more
  • A Vintage Cube draft on Magic Online—with draft stipulations of course—featuring Mike Turian, David McDarby, Emma Handy, and more
  • Set Booster minigames played out through SpellTable, with Daniel Holt, Jim Baker, Lauren Bond, and more

Join in the fun and donate to make things even more exciting for the Wizards participants and fans watching!

The Cards

We have a special 2021 Secret Lair drop that supports Extra Life 2021 and brings a level of cuteness that's off the charts.

We wrangled a group of extremely talented children and asked them to draw us their take on iconic Magic creatures, like Mulldrifter and Craterhoof Behemoth. We took those young Picassos' masterpieces—plus their own flavor text!—and handed them over to all-star artists Lars Grant-West, Chris Rahn, and Magali Villeneuve to bring those drawings further to life.

Kira, illustrator of Craterhoof Behemoth, and giant card versions of her creation

Learn how you can preorder the set and support Seattle Children's Hospital!

The Gear

From MTG Arena to your tabletop games and beyond, there are even more ways to show your support with net proceeds donated to Extra Life and benefiting Seattle Children's Hospital.

Extra Life 2021 Arena card sleeve image

This Extra Life 2021-themed card sleeve will be available on MTG Arena for a limited time! From November 5–8, you'll find this sleeve in the MTG Arena Store for 800 gems or 4,000 gold, with net proceeds donated to Extra Life benefiting Seattle Children's Hospital.

Extra Life 2021 t-shirts

Extra Life 2021 tabletop playmat

For fans of Magic and Dungeons & Dragons, MTG Pro Shop is loaded with Extra Life 2021 items—including this year's amazing playmat. Check out the men's and women's shirts plus pins, playmat, messenger bag, and more over at MTG Pro Shop now.

Supporting the Campaign Your Own Way

The Extra Life 2021 campaign is underway now, which means you can donate directly today. Plus, you can also join the Magic Extra Life Super Team and raise money, too! Stream your next draft on MTG Arena, share Commander showdowns on SpellTable, or even kick off a Dungeons & Dragons campaign with friends—whatever the challenge or fun you enjoy, it can be your opportunity to raise money for charity.

How do I create a team page and join the Magic Extra Life Super Team?

Here are the steps to join our team!

  1. Go to ExtraLife.Wizards.com.
  2. Select Join Team Wizards.
  3. If you have an Extra Life account already, select Login to your account, otherwise enter your name and basic info and select Continue to Next Step.
  4. In the Team box, select Search and enter "Magic: The Gathering."
  5. Select Magic: The Gathering from the search results. (You may leave the selection as Dungeons & Dragons if you prefer.)
  6. Select Continue to Next Step.
  7. Setup your personal page and choose your personal fundraising goal. You may also make a donation toward your fundraising goal here.
  8. Wizards of the Coast is supporting the Seattle Children's Hospital, but please pick the hospital of your choice by selecting Or, Choose a Member Hospital and searching for your organization.
  9. Complete the form with the requested information and check the box next to I Agree to the Terms.
  10. Check that your information is correct and select Complete Registration.

What are we fundraising for?

Extra Life benefiting Seattle Children's Hospital. These funds go to children and families in crisis, helping those who need it the most.

How should I promote my team?

Promote your team in your content! You can find Extra Life graphics, overlay options, and a variety of other assets here.

There are tons of fun ways to promote your team and your fundraising efforts! Make sure to bring it up consistently in your content and update your overlay. Post about your campaign on social media! You can run other giveaways alongside our fundraising or offer rewards for your community if you hit certain goals, like specialty streams.

The options for fundraising are limitless! We're eager to see what you do.

Is there an Extra Life plugin on Twitch?

There is! The Extra Life Twitch extension allows you to have a panel that your viewers click on to donate. Donations go directly to your fundraising total, and viewers never have to leave your stream. The extension can also track your progress toward your fundraising goal and call out top donors.

Once you have your Extra Life account, visit the Extra Life instructions to install the Twitch extension to link your fundraising page to your Twitch page!