Love Your Local Game Store is back, and stores are excited to welcome players back with awesome events and promos!

In-Store Foil Retro Frame Sol Ring Promo

Spend $50 on Magic sealed products at your local game store for a promo Sol Ring card

Beginning July 1, you can claim a foil retro frame promo Sol Ring when you spend $50 US on Magic: The Gathering sealed products at your local WPN game store!

Sol Ring card

You can take advantage of this promotion more than once, but only one promo card per customer per day, so you'll have to return on a different day and spend $50 to claim additional promo cards. Supplies of the promo card are limited, and they'll only be available while supplies last. Event entry fees do not count toward this promotion.

Double Masters 2022 Release Events

Double Masters 2022 logo

The launch of the Love Your Local Game Store promotion coincides with two events supporting Double Masters 2022, a set packed with powerful and stylish reprints.

  • July 1–7: WPN Premium Store Preview Event
  • July 8–10: Double Masters 2022 Launch Party

Participation in these events can also score you not just one, but two promo cards—Bring to Light and Weathered Wayfarer—while supplies last!

Weathered Wayfarer Bring to Light

Store Championships with Even More Promos!

July 9–17, participating local game stores will be hosting the one-day Store Championships event. Show your skills in Draft, Sealed, Standard, Modern, and Pioneer formats with opportunities to claim bragging rights and up to three special promo cards: Flame Slash for entering, Archmage's Charm for reaching the Top 8, and Dark Confidant for claiming first place!

Promo Flame Slash Promo Archmage's Charm Promo Dark Confidant

In-Store Play Is Here

An amazing promo card isn't the only reason to Love Your Local Game Store. Whether you're a fan of Commander Draft fun with Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate, excited for the multicolor fun of Double Masters 2022, or ready to take on the competition in the next Store Championships, your local game store awaits.

Find yours and get ready to play today!