Magic's story and lore often inspire passionate conversations. Players take emotional journeys with characters, identify with ones they see in themselves, and in many cases even grow up with them. Having returned to web fiction, we wanted to discuss our philosophy around creating and sharing these characters and stories.

Our creative philosophy for telling our stories is, in short:

We will tell the stories we want to tell, featuring the characters and relationships that best serve the story and our audience. Our focus will be crafting engaging and relatable stories. These stories will have diverse casts of characters with varied experiences, challenges, and adventures.

We will not change these stories to accommodate local markets. One of the challenges of being a global community is that some regions prohibit subject matter we think is valuable to our storytelling. Unfortunately, this means that some of our content will not be available in those markets.

While we do not agree with these laws, we are required to follow them. We must also consider the welfare of community members in impacted locations.

This decision empowers us to freely weave stories reflective of our community values. We regret that some of our fans will not have access to this lore, but we will strive to be as consistent as possible across all markets and look forward to when our content can be accessible to everyone.

Tune in next week to meet our next cast of characters as we adventure into Kaldheim and beyond.