Midweek Magic is a weekly event taking place Tuesdays to Thursdays in MTG Arena where players can enjoy casual games of online Magic in a variety of formats with no entry cost. Players can earn individual card rewards (ICRs) and in-game cosmetics for wins.

Screenshot of Midweek Magic in MTG Arena with rewards tracking pips for one, two, and three wins

Midweek Magic began as FNM at Home in March of 2020, developed to keep the fun of Friday Night Magic events alive when players couldn't visit their local game stores. Thankfully, in-store play slowly resumed in many locations, and Friday Night Magic returned.

We didn't want to lose the fun and community around FNM at Home, so we updated our FNM at Home event to take place from Tuesdays to Thursdays and renamed it Midweek Magic. Now, you can enjoy Magic during the week on MTG Arena and then connect with your friends at your local game store for fun, in-person Friday Night Magic events, too!

Midweek Magic Schedule

Midweek Magic events begin on Tuesdays at 2 p.m. PT and end on Thursdays at 2 p.m. PT (UTC -07:00).

  • July 16–18: Explorer Showcase
    Take an Explorer preconstructed deck out for a spin to see if you find a new favorite. Change decks as much as you like!
  • July 23–25: Modern Horizons 3 Phantom Bot Draft*
    Select one card at a time from rotating draft packs against AI with no waiting and no pick timers. Add basic lands to make a 40-card deck and play against others as much as you want.
  • July 30–August 1: Jump Into Bloomburrow*
    Select two half-decks packs from a variety of themes in Alchemy. Combine them, and you'll have a deck that's ready to go! Unlike regular Jump In!, this is a Phantom event so cards aren't added to your collection.
  • August 6–8: Bloomburrow Constructed
    Bring a 60-card deck with only cards from the Bloomburrow set and demonstrate your mastery of the new cards!

*Cards used in these events are not added to your collection.