Large Templating Changes

Phyrexian Creature Type Update

With the Arrival of Vorinclex, Monstrous Raider and the Phyrexian creature type, a swath of other creatures has also been revealed to have that type. In total, around 250 cards were updated. Most of these gained the creature type Phyrexian, but some of them create Phyrexian tokens or become Phyrexian creatures due to an ability. None of these cards lost any types they previously had.

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Ascendant EvincarLashwrithePsychosis Crawler
Atraxa, Praetors' VoiceLost LeoninPutrefax
BatterskullLoxodon ConvertQuilled Slagwurm
Belbe, Corrupted ObserverLurking EvilRackling
Blackcleave GoblinLurking SkirgeRathi Assassin
Blade SplicerMarauding KnightRathi Fiend
Blight MambaMassacre WurmRathi Intimidator
Blighted AgentMaster SplicerRavenous Skirge
Blightsteel ColossusMaul SplicerRazor Swine
BlightwidowMoltensteel DragonReaper of Sheoldred
Blind ZealotMorinfenRot Wolf
Blinding SouleaterMortarpodRotted Hystrix
BlistergrubMortis DogsRusted Slasher
Body SnatcherMycosynth FiendSanguine Guard
Bone ShredderMyr SireSarcomite Myr
BonehoardNecrogen ScudderScourge Servant
Brudiclad, Telchor EngineerNecropedeScytheclaw
Brutalizer ExarchNecropouncerSelenia, Dark Angel
Carnifex DemonNested GhoulSensor Splicer
Carrion CallOculusSeptic Rats
Cathedral MembraneOgre MenialSerum Raker
Caustic HoundOrder of YawgmothShattered Angel
Chained ThroatseekerParasitic ImplantSheoldred, Whispering One
Chancellor of the AnnexPerilous MyrShivan Zombie
Chancellor of the DrossPestilent SouleaterShriek Raptor
Chancellor of the ForgePhyrexian BattlefliesShrine of Loyal Legions
Chancellor of the SpiresPhyrexian BloodstockSickleslicer
Chancellor of the TanglePhyrexian BroodlingsSkinrender
Commander Greven il-VecPhyrexian ColossusSkinwing
Contagious NimPhyrexian CrusaderSkirge Familiar
Conversion ChamberPhyrexian DebaserSkithiryx, the Blight Dragon
Core ProwlerPhyrexian DefilerSkittering Horror
Corpse CurPhyrexian DelverSkittering Skirge
Corrupted HarvesterPhyrexian DenouncerSlag Fiend
Crazed SkirgePhyrexian DevourerSlash Panther
CystbearerPhyrexian DigesterSleeper Agent
Darkslick DrakePhyrexian DreadnoughtSlinking Skirge
Death-Hood CobraPhyrexian DriverSoul of New Phyrexia
Deceiver ExarchPhyrexian GargantuaSpellskite
Dementia BatPhyrexian GhoulSpinebiter
Devouring StrossusPhyrexian GremlinsSpined Thopter
Dross HopperPhyrexian HulkSpineless Thug
Dross RipperPhyrexian HydraSpire Monitor
Eastern PaladinPhyrexian InfiltratorSpiteful Bully
Elesh Norn, Grand CenobitePhyrexian IngesterSplicer's Skill
Entomber ExarchPhyrexian IronfootStrandwalker
Ertai, the CorruptedPhyrexian JuggernautStronghold Assassin
Etched MonstrosityPhyrexian LibrarianSuture Priest
EvisceratorPhyrexian MarauderTangle Angler
Ezuri, Claw of ProgressPhyrexian MetamorphTangle Hulk
Ezuri's PredationPhyrexian MonitorTel-Jilad Fallen
Fallen FerromancerPhyrexian NegatorTethered Skirge
First-Sphere GargantuaPhyrexian ObliteratorThrummingbird
Flameborn VironPhyrexian PlaguelordThundering Tanadon
Flayer HuskPhyrexian ProcessorTine Shrike
FlensermitePhyrexian ProwlerTormentor Exarch
Flesh ReaverPhyrexian RagerToxic Nim
Flesh-Eater ImpPhyrexian ReaperTrespassing Souleater
Fume SpitterPhyrexian RebirthTrigon of Infestation
Furnace ScampPhyrexian RevokerTsabo Tavoc
GallowbraidPhyrexian ScutaTsabo's Assassin
Geth, Lord of the VaultPhyrexian SlayerUnworthy Dead
Glissa, the TraitorPhyrexian SnowcrusherUrabrask the Hidden
Glissa's CourierPhyrexian SoulgorgerVault Skirge
Glistener ElfPhyrexian SwarmlordVebulid
Gore VassalPhyrexian TotemVector Asp
Greven, Predator CaptainPhyrexian TriniformVedalken Anatomist
Grip of PhyresisPhyrexian VatmotherViral Drake
Hand of the PraetorsPhyrexian WalkerViridian Betrayers
Hex ParasitePhyrexian War BeastViridian Corrupter
Hollow DogsPierce StriderViridian Emissary
Ichor RatsPith DrillerViseling
Ichorclaw MyrPlague DogsVital Splicer
Ich-Tekik, Salvage SplicerPlague EngineerVolrath the Fallen
Immolating SouleaterPlague MyrVolrath, the Shapestealer
Impaler ShrikePlague SpitterVolrath's Shapeshifter
Inkmoth NexusPlague StingerVorinclex, Voice of Hunger
Inquisitor ExarchPlaguemaw BeastWestern Paladin
Insatiable SouleaterPorcelain LegionnaireWhispering Specter
Invader ParasitePriest of GixWing Splicer
Jin-Gitaxias, Core AugurPriest of UrabraskWurmcoil Engine
Keskit, the Flesh SculptorPriest of YawgmothXantcha, Sleeper Agent
Kiln WalkerPriests of NornYawgmoth Demon
K'rrik, Son of Yawgmoth  

Individual Card Updates

Ranger Creature Type

As part of the Modern Horizons 2 release, Quirion Ranger and Ranger-Captain of Eos both gained the new Ranger creature type. No other creatures have been updated at this time.

Ranar the Ever-Watchful

As part of the Strixhaven update, Ranar the Ever-Watchful was given errata to match that of Elemental Expressionist, but the errata it received altered its function further than intended. It has been corrected in this update with a template that correctly sees cards exiled from the hand. The new Oracle text is a functional change from its original printing. Two other cards, Hero of Bretagard and Laelia, the Blade Reforged, were given a similar update.

Ranar the Ever-Watchful was:

Flying, vigilance
The first card you foretell each turn costs 0 to foretell.
Whenever a spell or ability you control exiles one or more cards from your hand and/or permanents from the battlefield, create a 1/1 white Spirit creature token with flying.

New text:

Flying, vigilance
The first card you foretell each turn costs 0 to foretell.
Whenever one or more cards are put into exile from your hand or a spell or ability you control exiles one or more permanents from the battlefield, create a 1/1 white Spirit creature token with flying.

Comprehensive Rules Changes
Oracle Changes