Modern Horizons 3 (MH3) and its release bring more than new-to-Modern content, exciting reprints, brand-new spins on beloved favorites, and a bunch of dank Magic memes to the table. It also brings a host of reasons to play Limited throughout June and July, some exciting gatherings for Commander and otherwise, and ultimately a Regional Championship Qualifier format featuring the format starting in August as players have had a chance to dive into the new Modern.

Here's an overview of all that's on the horizon and more!

Prerelease: June 7–13

The first major event on the horizon is Modern Horizons 3 Prerelease, the best way to experience a new release first hand at a WPN store near you. Prereleases are run using Prerelease Packs, which contain all you need to build a 40-card sealed deck plus some neat bonuses:

  • 6 Modern Horizons 3 Play Boosters
  • 1 Stamped promo featuring a rare or mythic rare from Modern Horizons 3
  • 1 20-Sided spindown die
  • 1 Magic: The Gathering Arena code card that you can redeem for some boosters of Modern Horizons 3 on MTG Arena (where available)

I could go on about the joys of Prerelease, experiencing a release from the get-go and doing so with friends new and old. However, the Prerelease Primer—which was published yesterday and features the wonderful words of Gavin Verhey—does a better job of that, so go over and give that a read if you've never been to a Prerelease event!

WPN/MTG Arena Limited Store Event Promotion: June 14 – July 14

Get ready to dive into a draft or three of Modern Horizons 3 following its release. To make drafting the brand-new Modern Horizons release even sweeter, we're running another promotion that rewards players with Magic: The Gathering Arena cosmetics and even potentially a Draft token!

This promotion is simple: Play in Booster Draft or Sealed events at a WPN retailer from June 14 to July 14 using your Wizards Account that is connected to your Magic: The Gathering Arena account, and get rewards granted to your MTG Arena account via the inbox feature on or after July 31!

Play in one Sealed or Draft event, and earn yourself a Kozilek, the Broken Reality card style!

Kozilek, the Broken Reality Card Style

Play in two Sealed or Draft events to get a card sleeve featuring the art from the poison-y, deathtouch-focused token of Wurmcoil Engine!

Wurmcoil Engine Token Card Sleeve

Finally, play in three Sealed or Draft events during the promotional window to earn a Draft token, which you can redeem to play in a Draft event on MTG Arena!

MTGA Draft Token Image

Please note that players are only eligible to receive each reward once, for up to three Draft or Sealed events played in at a WPN store. Draft or Sealed will count toward the total, regardless of whether you participated in three Draft events, two Draft events and a Sealed event, one Draft event and two Sealed events, or three Sealed events. And yes, playing in a Sealed Regional Championship Qualifier (RCQ) that takes place at a WPN store counts toward the total.

Rewards will be granted via the inbox feature in the MTG Arena client on or after July 31. Please note that this promotion is not available in each region.

CommandFests in June and July (And Beyond)

Modern Horizons 3 has some awesome throwbacks, plenty of legendary creatures, and a suite of new Commander decks that lean into the set's themes and memes. Why not dive into those at a CommandFest near you?

We've got a host of events happening in North America, Australia, and Japan in June and July for an opportunity to bring your favorite Commander options—or new ones from the recent release—for a day or weekend of multiplayer fun. If you recall from our 2024 announcement, we announced most of these. But Japan is new!



Can't make it to a CommandFest in June or July? Well, the event in Tokyo isn't the only one we are announcing today. Alongside the CommandFest events happening in August, we also have newly announced events happening September and October!



For the full details on the CommandFest program, please refer to the updated 2024 announcement.

MagicCon: Amsterdam Featuring Pro Tour Modern Horizons 3: June 28–30

MagicCon is expanding to new horizons with its very first stop in the Netherlands in just a few short weeks!

MagicCon: Amsterdam will be taking place June 28–30 and will feature three days of all things Magic. With panels featuring game and creative designs, coverage for current and upcoming releases, exciting live shows such as the can't-miss Game Knights Live, and all sorts of Magic play in between, MagicCon is a true fan celebration that features plenty of play, creators, MagicCon-exclusive merch, and a whole lot more. And yes, play means lots of Modern Horizons 3 and Modern in general, with tons of events being held throughout the weekend, including a $75,000 multi-day Modern Open tournament.

If you're thinking of joining us for our European adventure, we strongly recommend that you secure your badge today, as there are limited badges remaining! Additionally, Night of the Living End: A MagicCon Emo Party tickets are available now, so don't wait!

For fans who can't attend in person but want to see some of the action, MagicCon is also playing host to Pro Tour Modern Horizons 3 for that weekend! You can tune in to all three days for live broadcast coverage of the multi-day $500,000 invitation-only tournament to see which of Magic's best players come out in first place.

Pro Tour participants get more than a minimum prize award for competing as well, as all participants receive a non-foil copy of the Secret Lair prize card Wrenn and Six, featuring artwork from Ricardo Cavolo. Top 32 players also get a traditional foil copy!

Wrenn and Six Wrenn and Six (Traditional Foil)

Pro Tour Modern Horizons 3 is named aptly, as the tournament will feature three days of Modern in some form. Friday and Saturday both open with three rounds of Modern Horizons 3 Booster Draft, which are then followed by five rounds of Modern Constructed. Top 8 on Sunday features Modern Best-of-Five matches to determine who will be crowned champion.

Looking to see what draft strategies work best in conquering Modern Horizons 3 Limited? Interested in scoping out the new post-MH3 Modern metagame? Tune in from June 28–30 to learn more!

Modern RCQs Begin August 3!

Players excited to dive into Modern Constructed in Regional Championship Qualifiers (RCQs) following the release of Modern Horizons 3 won't have to wait long! While Modern Horizons 3 Sealed RCQs will be available for WPN stores to run upon its release for the current round that feeds Pro Tour 1 in 2025, the second round of RCQs that feeds Pro Tour 2 in 2025 will begin on August 3 and will run until November 3.

Aside from getting opportunities to showcase your latest Modern decks in a competitive setting, the new round brings with it a refresh of RCQ promo cards, featuring the Secret Lair promo card Sleight of Hand for participating in RCQs and the Secret Lair prize card Supreme Verdict for Top Finishers!

Sleight of Hand Sleight of Hand (Traditional Foil)
Supreme Verdict Supreme Verdict (Traditional Foil)

You can read up on all the latest about the upcoming RCQ round over on!

Whether you're a fan of Modern, Commander, or just gathering and having a good time however you enjoy playing, Modern Horizons 3 brings with it a host of play opportunities starting in June. It all starts at your local WPN store, so check the locator to find one for upcoming events in your area today!