We're excited to share that the Magic: Legends PC Open Beta is coming soon! Catch up with our partners at Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment to learn about the adventure waiting for you in the Multiverse.

Magic: Legends is free to play and available for download beginning March 23 on Arc Games and the Epic Games Store.

The wait is nearly over. Magic: Legends PC Open Beta begins March 23. We're very excited for you all to join us in the Multiverse and wanted to give you a quick rundown on what you can expect in our spell-slinging online action RPG based on the famed Magic: The Gathering franchise.

For our team at Cryptic Studios, Open Beta has always meant collaborating with Magic fans, ARPG lovers, and gamers of all different backgrounds to refine our new way of approaching the franchise and the genre. This brief beta period will allow us to work directly with you to fine-tune the game as we move closer to our full launch later this year. Joining us on this journey allows you to take on the role of a powerful Planeswalker as you rise to face an ancient foe that has emerged once again to threaten the Multiverse. Sling more than 170 spells while playing five classes throughout five iconic regions (across three planes) of the Multiverse, each with its own unique storyline and campaign.

As you venture forth, you will need to master spell-slinging to overcome various threats across the planes. Taking inspiration from our tabletop roots, Magic: Legends shakes up action RPG gameplay by including a rotating "hand" of spells, which are continuously drawn from a deck of 12 spells that you can prepare and customize. When you use mana to cast one spell from the four in your hand, a new, random spell from your deck will be drawn in its place.

Experiment with the different play styles and themes of Magic's five colors of mana by unlocking, building around, and upgrading a variety of creature summons, powerful sorceries, or long-lasting enchantments. Harness the power of light and order with white, exert control over the battlefield with blue, utilize sacrificial magic and reanimation through black, wield the unbridled fury of red, or summon and buff massive beasts with green. Combine these themes into a two-color deck, more than doubling your deck-building potential.

In addition to spells, progression in Magic: Legends comes in the form of collecting and upgrading artifacts and equipment. Open Beta will feature over 50 artifacts, which will unlock unstoppable deck synergies through increased damage and triggered effects, and there will be more than 160 unique pieces of equipment that allow you to specialize stats and elevate your loadout effectiveness to new heights.

With the separate elements of classes, spells, artifacts, and equipment all combining into your loadout, there are nearly limitless combinations and play styles that you can find upon unlocking these components and experimenting with them!

Throughout your journey, you will encounter legendary characters plucked straight from Magic's lore. Win the trust of Nissa Revane by offering her aid during a dark hour on Zendikar. Hone your skillset alongside Ral Zarek as the Izzet guildmage helps you come to grips with your newly ignited spark. Or rise up to thwart the ghastly Josu Vess while he prepares his destructive plans in Benalia's Caligo Morass.

Magic: Legends takes place in a time of building tensions: after the Great Mending of Dominaria and before the Hour of Devastation on Amonkhet. You will travel across the Multiverse to the lush jungles of Zendikar, the gothic townships of Innistrad, and the storied, diverse regions of Dominaria. We can hardly wait for you to planeswalk into the Multiverse for the first time, and this is just the beginning. We have over 25 years of franchise history to build on, and many more stories to tell—all while expanding your arsenal of classes, spells, and other features with each post-launch update we release.

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