You may be familiar with Magic: The Gathering's beautiful artwork and fun gameplay, but how much do you know about the years of rich lore? Whether you're a fan of political intrigue, romance, or action-adventure, there's a Magic story element for you.

But, with 30 years of Magic, where to begin? Cue the return of The Magic Story Podcast!

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What is The Magic Story Podcast?

The Magic Story Podcast is a podcast dedicated to the lore of Magic: The Gathering and its Multiverse. Whether you have been playing Magic for years or just discovered it yesterday, the podcast is intended to be a fun, easy-to-grok entry point to dive deeper into the various characters, settings, and stories that make up Magic: The Gathering.

Tune in to join Wizards of the Coast hosts Harless Snyder (product marketing manager) and Natalie Kreider (game producer) as they take you through the Multiverse like never before. Discover new interplanar secrets, learn more about your favorite Planeswalkers, and explore a new side of the various planes we've visited.

What's the cadence? How many episodes?

If The Magic Story Podcast sounds familiar to you, that's because it's a continuation of the podcast series that had stopped back in 2018. It's an established Wizards of the Coast podcast series and, now that we are "compleating" rich story arcs and looking toward the future of Magic, we felt the time was right to bring it back!

We will travel with you through the Phyrexian Arc (March of the Machine) for a total of four seasons with about five episodes each. The first two seasons dropped as a bundle today—all at once—covering the Dominaria United and The Brothers' War stories! The rest will drop weekly on Mondays, starting Monday, March 27th.

In the meantime, here's a quick word from Harless and Natalie around why they hope you'll join us and what this podcast means to them, not just as Wizards of the Coast employees but fellow Magic: The Gathering fans and players:

"Hello! We're Harless and Natalie, and we're both massive fans of the story of Magic: The Gathering who also happen to have the pleasure of working at the company. Each season on The Magic Story Podcast, we'll bring the lore of Magic straight to your ears and give you insights into the backstories of key characters so that you don't have to catch up on the past 30 years of Magic.

Back when I [Natalie] was first getting into Magic, I not only sought to understand how to play the game, exactly, but what was going on within it. Who were these characters I was seeing on these cards? What are these planes and how do they relate to each other? Why do lands matter so much beyond the game? I knew there was so much more to the game than learning how to beat my opponent. Magic already has a great fiction story that explores the lore behind each card set we release, but what if I'm craving a quick way to catch up on the latest plot, perhaps on my way to work or school? A means of pressing "play" and trusting that "even if I just started playing yesterday, I can understand the context behind what I'm seeing in the latest art."

The Magic Story Podcast does not teach you how to play the game. We hope you'll play it, of course, after or before hearing the podcast, but explaining what a "rare" card is or how to tap lands for mana or how flying works is not what this podcast is about. Instead, we're here to explain how mages walk between planes, how Karn isn't just a machine, who Kaya is, why Phyrexians are so terrifying, what New Phyrexia looks like, and who Sheoldred is. We recap our fiction stories with honest conversations about all these great details in our lore.

Magic is so much more than just a game. We want to spotlight the stories and planes and characters that we spend so much time developing. They are amazing. They are inspiring. They are truly important, too, to what is essentially Magic."