There's more than meets the eye as Transformers cards arrive to Magic: The Gathering's Universes Beyond—in two stunning looks—when Magic's next set The Brothers' War releases November 18, 2022.

Optimus Prime, Hero
Optimus Prime, Autobot Leader


Shattered Glass Optimus Prime, Hero
Shattered Glass Optimus Prime, Autobot Leader

Shattered Glass

Transformers cards use the set code "BOT" and feature their own set symbol. These cards aren't Standard legal, but can be played in Commander, Legacy, and Vintage.

Transformers set symbol

These beautiful double-faced cards appear in two versions, one with artwork evocative of their Generation 1 television debut in the 1980s and the other as their Shattered Glass reimagining—an alternate universe where the heroes we know are the villains we face, and vice versa.

Megatron, Tyrant
Megatron, Destructive Force


Shattered Glass Megatron, Tyrant
Shattered Glass Megatron, Destructive Force

Shattered Glass

Just like the Transformers robots you know and love, these representations can convert—or "transform" like existing double-faced cards—from their robot to their vehicle or other alternate form, and back again. And with the More Than Meets the Eye ability, you can bring them out onto the battlefield directly as their alternate non-robot form!

Soundwave, Sonic Spy
Optimus Soundwave, Superior Captain


Shattered Glass Soundwave, Sonic Spy
Shattered Glass Soundwave, Superior Captain

Shattered Glass

Ravage tokenLaserbeak token

Arcee, Sharpshooter
Arcee, Acrobatic Coupe

All Transformers cards are found in both traditional foil and non-foil versions and can appear in The Brothers' War Set and Collector Boosters. However, the Shattered Glass Transformers card treatments will appear only in The Brothers' War Collector Boosters. Additionally, there is no Shattered Glass treatment of Arcee, Sharpshooter // Arcee, Acrobatic Coupe.

The Brothers' War Set Booster Display
Set Booster Display
The Brothers' War Collector Booster Display
Collector Booster Display

See each of the Transformers cards now in The Brothers' War Variant Card Image Gallery.

The Brothers' War releases November 18, 2022. You can preorder Set and Collector Boosters—and more—today online at Amazon, at your local game store, and elsewhere Magic is sold.