Day Three – Sunday, October 30

The Greatest Steuer Ever Told

Magic World Championship XXVIII wrapped a thrilling Top 4 playoff with the comeback story of the day. Nathan Steuer, Magic Online Champions Showcase two-time champion and wonderkind of online play had lost to finalist Eli Kassis not once (in Round 14 to lose a win-and-in and only make Top 4 on tie breakers), not twice (as the first playoff match of the day), but three times after Steuer battled back out of the Lower Bracket to face final elimination in the Title Match.

But then he persevered. First, Steuer won a match to even up the score. Then, he did it again.

His work and dedication, supported by friends and some of the best testing teammates in the game today, built World Champion skills.

Congatulations Nathan Steuer!

The Brothers' War Previews

Even more of The Brothers' War was revealed, sharing cards and story of the battle between Urza and Mishra.

Plus, the panelists answered audience questions about the set—an excellent read if you want to learn more about The Brothers' War.

We know you can bearly contain your excitement.

The Gathering Will Continue

Magic 30 was defined by our return to "the gathering" of Magic, with journeys by fans, friends, and staff to celebrate playing together once more.

And while we continued to rally to each other, we now know our return is far from over.

We'll you see February 17–19, 2023 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA! Check back for details about Magic Con: Philadelphia soon.

Day Two – Saturday, October 29

Explorer for Top 4

Magic World Championship XXVIII kicked off Day Two with MTG Arena's newest format, Explorer, and it was a battle to behold. As it turned out, the Mono-Blue Spirits deck was in the best position as the scrum to make Top 4 became a battle royale in the final round of play.

Both getting there, and seeing it settled, showed us the match of the weekend when Jakub Tóth and Julian Wellman faced off in Round 11.

Only one player can move through the Top 4 playoff and become the next Magic World Champion. Watch all the action when the broadcast begins tomorrow (with a little The Brothers' War interlude to start) at 10:20 a.m. PT at!

Constant Cosplay

With a full day of events and attendees to share, cosplay was on parade throughout the hall. In addition to the Cosplay Contest, fans ready to share their appreciation for Magic's characters were everywhere you looked.

Plus a lucky few yesterday got a peek at the cosplay for the Crimson Anniversary party happening tonight on site!

There's even something to be said for the fun of mixing up some looks along the way too.

We'll see many return—plus even more charcters brought to life—throughout the last day of Magic 30 tomorrow.

Other Artistic Endeavors

Cosplayers weren't the only creativity being shared. Several of Magic's illustrators, from the beginning to today's latest cards, were on-hand to share more of their incredible work.

One even doubled up with cosplay too!

The Gathering Continued

While panels such as the Q&A with Magic Studio X and and Dr. RIchard Garfield were centralized ways to gather in celebration, the greater joy at Magic 30 were the moments between friends, fans, and extended Magic family only possible by gathering.

Magic 30 is the start of celebrating 30 years of Magic, but the true friends are really those we made along the way.

We'll return tomorrow with even more from the floor of Magic 30—see you there!

Day One – Friday, October 28

Draft Dominance

Magic World Championship XXVIII began with Dominaria United Booster Draft, a format players had plenty of time to test. But the story that emerged was it was a bloodbath for all by the freshest stars of competitive Magic.

"Team Handshake" delivered in spades.

Familiar Faces

The Magic 30 doors opened to a hall like few Magic has offered before.

Packed with familiar friends and new arrivals, the joy of "the gathering" was impossible to miss.

Game Knights Live

An epic battle—and panel—revealed the latest Commander decks arriving with The Brothers' War on November 18.

The good news is they're here: check out both decklists plus an updated The Brothers' War Commander Card Image Gallery for the full scoop!

Standard Surprises

While Esper Midrange is the story of the World Championship metagame, it didn't stop amazing players from winning with—and without—the "deck to beat" of the tournament.

In the end the winningest Championship team continued to lead the way here.

Tune back in for Day Two of Magic World Championship XXVIII tomorrow, beginning at 9 a.m. PT at!

What else was there to see on the first day of Magic 30? Becca Scott's recap is packed full of more from the convention floor.

As games and gathering continue into the night, the second day of Magic 30 holds both good weather and good times in store for the show.

We'll be back early tomorrow with another day celebrating the start of Magic's 30th anniversary!