Magic: The Gathering Ambassadors (MTG Ambassadors) are creators in the Magic: The Gathering community. Their content comes in many different forms and speaks to different parts of the game we all love. MTG Ambassadors work with the Wizards of the Coast Creator team to share excitement over upcoming sets and events. They embody the limitless passion, inspiration, and excitement that our game has to offer.

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What is the MTG Ambassador Program and how is it different from other Wizards of the Coast programs?

The MTG Ambassador Program provides content creators with additional tools to create their Magic: The Gathering content. Ambassadors receive set information and a variety of cards from each set before debut day in order to prepare thoughtful, informative content for their audience. They’re beacons of kindness, creativity, and inclusivity.

The Ambassador Program is different from other initiatives and campaigns because it is designed to run the whole year through. Ambassadors hold the title for all of 2023 and will share content consistently.  

How were Ambassadors selected?

The 2023 Ambassadors were chosen because of their varied content creation styles, backgrounds, and platforms. We took extra care in our evaluation processes to address potential biases that may exclude marginalized or underrepresented groups and invited creators for whom Magic is their singular passion, or one of many. The program includes creators of all sizes and levels of notoriety. Selected creators were already meeting the frequency of Magic: The Gathering content that we requested. To ensure that we would be able to deliver on our promises for the program, we’ve currently limited Ambassadors to North America. As the program grows, we’ll be looking to add Ambassadors in other regions as well. Above all else, these creators were selected for their passion for content creation.

How is this good for creators?

In addition to receiving exclusive MTG Ambassador swag, creators are given product from every set, MTG Arena benefits, and MagicCon badges. Moreover, these creators will create impactful content with insights directly from Wizards of the Coast.

Direct Wizards of the Coast support can mean major growth for creators, especially when they’re armed with information that makes them a guidepost for the MTG community. All sponsored content is owned by the creators themselves, and any monetization from that content remains in their hands. We encourage a collaborative space for our Ambassadors to work together and will be promoting them to the fullest extent of our capabilities.

How is this good for the community?

Ambassadors will be creating all kinds of content related to Magic: The Gathering. You’ll see unique pieces, like art reviews, cosplays, and original songs, alongside your favorite YouTube channel’s set reviews. Your favorite creators will be given more tools to make more cool stuff, and you might discover new MTG creators that you love along the way.

Where do we go from here?

The MTG Ambassador Program is just getting started. Though this is currently an invite-only program, we expect to have an application page created before we select our 2024 MTG Ambassadors so that more creators have the opportunity to participate. If you have questions, concerns, or feedback, please direct them to