It's time to get the gang together, and not just for some sweet new incentives at a WPN store near you … though if that sweetens the deal, who are we to deny good ideas?

Outlaws of Thunder Junction is coming out in a few weeks, and this latest set features heists, crimes, a cast of characters from all walks of life, dragons with giant lobster claws for arms, some elk memes, and a whole lot more.

There will also be many ways to play with Outlaws of Thunder Junction at your local game store and more, so get yer eatin' irons ready (or your hands) to dig into some new boosters at an upcoming play event, starting with …

Prerelease April 12–18

Outlaws of Thunder Junction Prerelease is your first shot at a big score of new cards and is always a good time at your local game store.

Sign up for a Prerelease to get a Prerelease Pack, which comes with a 20-sided spindown life counter, six Outlaws of Thunder Junction Play Boosters, and a stamped rare or mythic rare card from the set to commemorate your Prerelease experience. It's everything you need to build a sealed deck, one of the best ways to get to learn about a new set's mechanics and themes.

Thunder Junction's an exciting—and very new—frontier in the Magic Multiverse, and it has brought a unique cast of characters together into one gang for a very big job. And just like Oko and pals (or frenemies if we're being honest with ourselves here), you can bring a gang together at your local Prerelease for some sweet new promos.

Oltec Matterweaver (Extended-Art Promo)
Oltec Matterweaver
(Extended-Art Promo)
Transmutation Font (Promo)
Transmutation Font (Promo)

These two "Get the Gang Together" promos are available at a WPN retailer near you starting with Prerelease. All you have to do is bring a new-to-Magic friend with you to attend their first Magic event, such as the Prerelease. If you both sign up for an event using your Wizards Account, you each get both copies of these promos! On top of that, the Bring-a-Friend promo Cultivate is also available for this at local game stores!

Cultivate (Bring-a-Friend Promo)
(Traditional Foil Bring-a-Friend Promo)

Bring friends, get rewarded—while supplies last, anyway. It's that simple! And this all starts with Outlaws of Thunder Junction Prerelease, so get your crew ready for a fun-filled couple of hours at a Prerelease near you!

Open House April 19–21

Looking to recruit some new members to your crew for your upcoming heists events at your local WPN retailer? Then the Outlaws of Thunder Junction Open House is for you!

Open House provides new players with a low-stakes way to learn how to play Magic. WPN retailers globally have flexibility on how they can run this event to best cater to their local new players. Events can take the form of individual play using Jumpstart product or Starter Kits, or they can pair up new players with the friends who brought them for games of Two-Headed Giant, allowing for a friendly and social way to discover the fun of playing Magic.

Players who use their Wizards Account to sign up and play get a retro frame copy of Diabolic Tutor while supplies last. Additionally, veterans who bring in a friend to learn how to play not only get the Bring-a-Friend Cultivate promo featured above, but retailers may also have "Get the Gang Together" promos that may also be used at Open House!

Diabolic Tutor (Retro Frame Promo)
Diabolic Tutor (Retro Frame Promo)

As always, promos are subject to availability and while supplies last. For all the details at a store nearest you, check with your local WPN retailer to learn more.

Standard Showdown Continues Onward Starting April 19

Standard Showdown, which made its return during Murders at Karlov Manor, continues onward into new frontiers with Outlaws of Thunder Junction. This play offering at WPN retailers gives local players an incentive to jump into Standard Constructed—a 60-card format focusing on releases currently dating back to Innistrad: Midnight Hunt.

Standard players can find and play with local players also excited by the format, with traditional foil prize promos in the form of Omenpath full-art basic lands as something to strive for in each event. Only a limited number of each basic land are available at each WPN retailer, so check with your local game store on their award structure throughout the next few weeks for how many are available per event, as well as which ones are available during a set week. WPN retailers may also offer additional prizes based on what makes sense for their local community, so check with your local game store for all details about their specific events.

Plains (Full-Art Promo)
Plains (Full-Art Promo)
Island (Full-Art Promo)
Island (Full-Art Promo)
Swamp (Full-Art Promo)
Swamp (Full-Art Promo)
Mountain (Full-Art Promo)
Mountain (Full-Art Promo)
Forest (Full-Art Promo)
Forest (Full-Art Promo)

Ready to win some Omenpath lands? Then get your Standard Constructed deck ready and check with a WPN retailer nearest you for more info!

CommandFests in Four Cities April 19–21, One City May 17–19

CommandFests are back! Get ready for multiple days of Commander, events, and more at a stop nearest you! In fact, bring a gang to attend and perform a big heist. Not like, a real gang of outlaws, though. We mean your friends. And, uh, don't pull off a real heist. Our organizers are nice. They wouldn't appreciate that at all. Stealing is bad. Don't do it.

If you've never been to a CommandFest, they're essentially mini conventions celebrating Magic and all things Commander. Come meet new friends or hang out with old ones, get in some games of Commander, and enjoy the camaraderie! Organizers typically also offer scheduled and on-demand events for those looking for a change of pace. Play in some events, earn some prizes! These events typically also play host to special guests, including artists who offer signings and more, cosplayers, and content creators from the Magic community.

These are typically badge-required experiences, meaning you need to purchase a badge to attend. All organizers of April and May's CommandFests have badges available, too, so check with your specific organizer for full details, including what is available, pricing, and more.

See the list of events below and click through to the organizer's website for more details.

  • April 19–21, 2024, in Dallas, Texas—presented by
  • April 19–21, 2024, in San Francisco, California—presented by Laughing Dragon
  • April 19–21, 2024, in Birmingham, England—presented by Axion Now
  • April 20–21, 2024, in Beijing, China—presented by Kadou
  • May 17–19, 2024, in Vancouver, Canada—presented by Face to Face Games

Pro Tour Outlaws of Thunder Junction April 26–28

Is it a crime to not tune in to Pro Tour Outlaws of Thunder Junction on from April 26–28 to see some of the world's best Magic players competing for their share of $500,000?

Technically speaking, no it isn't. But it probably should be one! So, mark your calendars to see it all!

Pro Tour Outlaws of Thunder Junction features top Pro Tour competitors, major tournament winners, and top finishers from the latest round of Regional Championships that took place from January 27 to March 10 earlier this year as they compete for their share of a ton of cash and the title of Pro Tour champion.

All Pro Tour players also get some sweet stuff just for participating. Not only does the event's $500,000 prize pool award all the way to last place, all participants receive a non-foil copy of the Secret Lair Prize Card Wrenn and Six, featuring artwork from Ricardo Cavolo, for simply playing in the tournament.

Additionally, Top 32 finishers at Pro Tours in 2024 will also receive a traditional foil copy of Wrenn and Six!

Wrenn and Six (<i>Secret Lair</i> Prize Promo)
Wrenn and Six
(Secret Lair Prize Promo)
Wrenn and Six (Traditional Foil <i>Secret Lair</i> Prize Promo)
Wrenn and Six
(Traditional Foil Secret Lair Prize Promo)

Pro Tours are a great place to see what the world's top players are doing if you are looking at honing your draft skills with Outlaws of Thunders Junction, and it's a great spot to see the Standard Constructed metagame if you're looking for ideas on what to build for your upcoming Standard Showdown events or your next Store Championship. (More on that later!) So, this is one event you won't want to miss once it's live on

Make like an elk and charge in for three days of Pro Tour live broadcasting, with Friday and Saturday starting with three rounds of Outlaws of Thunder Junction Booster Draft followed by tons of Standard.

Was that elk reference forced? It sure was. Would Oko be proud? Eh, probably not.

Art by: Lie Setiawan

Commander Party April 26 to May 2

Looking for something to do in between attending Pro Tour watch parties? Then check out an Outlaws of Thunder Junction Commander Party! These Commander events are happening at WPN stores worldwide starting on April 26 and will run through May 2.

Outlaws of Thunder Junction Commander Party

Commander Party events allow for a little added excitement to spice up your traditional game of Commander through additional game materials that integrate flavors of Outlaws of Thunder Junction into the game. And it should come as no surprise that for this round of Commander Party events, you are encouraged to do all the crimes (within the confines of Magic) … but there is, however, a catch.

Upstanding Citizen On the Run

The Vaults

All players using the Commander Party materials for this round will start off as an Upstanding Citizen, as one does. The upstanding life will get boring, though, and during each player's end step, they distribute bounty counters among the five vaults. Any player during their turn can flip their Upstanding Citizen material over to be On the Run, robbing the vault of its bounty counters to get a vault's bonus. When you're On the Run, other Upstanding Citizens have an incentive to chase after you for your bounty, so be careful!

Beyond juggling your Commander life as a citizen and a thief, Outlaws of Thunder Junction Commander Party also features an event-specific promo for attendees while supplies last. This round features a retro frame copy of Costly Plunder! Non-foils will be available at most WPN retailers, while traditional foil copies will be available at WPN Premium locations.

Costly Plunder (Retro Frame Promo)
Costly Plunder (Retro Frame Promo)

Another important note: starting with this round, Commander Party will run from Friday until the following Thursday, giving retailers flexibility to run their Commander Party on a weeknight and providing local communities even more opportunities to play. So don't miss out on all the hype and heists at a Commander Party near you!

Store Championship May 4–12

You may have heard of The Big Score. But what about the biggest score? You see, the biggest score is a giant, mean, and very living pinecone monster.

Art by: Brian Valeza

Okay maybe that isn't the biggest score, or a big score at all. It's just big, and it's mean. Also, it just so happens to be what you can win at an Outlaws of Thunder Junction Store Championship near you, with events taking place at participating WPN retailers May 4–12.

Store Championships are an opportunity to show your local community what you've got. Show off your deck-building strategies and play skills at a Standard Showdown in lead-up to the Store Championship and then bring your best 60-card Standard Constructed deck to battle for local glory and some cool promos.

Outlaws of Thunder Junction Store Championships feature a line-up of promos that fit the spirit of the plane in that all of them are cards that let you break the rules of normally having to spend mana to cast them. Players who participate in a Store Championship get a promo variant of Blazing Rootwalla while supplies last.

Blazing Rootwalla (Full-Art Promo)
Blazing Rootwalla (Full-Art Promo)

Make Top 8 at your local Store Championship and earn a Hollow One promo!

Hollow One (Full-Art Promo)
Hollow One (Full-Art Promo)

And finally, win the whole thing, and you'll receive a textless full-art promo of Vengevine, pinecone edition!

Vengevine (Textless Full-Art Promo)
Vengevine (Textless Full-Art Promo)

Get your best Standard strategies together, test them out at Standard Showdowns, then bring your deck to battle at a Store Championship near you for your shot at the new Vengevine winner promo.

Regional Championships May 4 to June 2

Regional Championship Qualifier (RCQ) winners from January 6 to March 24 will have their shot at the Pro Tour and the Magic World Championship at Regional Championship events taking place May 4 until June 2. And for those not qualified, these Regional Championships typically feature Last Chance Qualifiers that will get you into your region's big event!

Regional Championships from this round feed Pro Tour Modern Horizons 3 in Amsterdam on June 28–30. Depending on your region, these events will take place on designated windows as noted below:

  • Brazil – City Class Games: May 3–5 in Sao Paulo
  • Canada – Face to Face Games: May 3–5 in Montreal, Quebec
  • Japan/Korea – Big Magic: May 24–26 in Aichi Prefecture
  • Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) – Legacy: May 24–26 in Naples, Italy
  • China – Kadou: May 24–26 in Beijing
  • Chinese Taipei – Game Square: May 25–26 in Taipei City
  • Australia/New Zealand – Good Games: May 24–26 in Melbourne
  • USA – Dreamhack: May 31 to June 2 in Dallas, Texas
  • Southeast Asia – Oracle Events: May 31 to June 2 in Manila, Philippines
  • Mexico/Central America/Caribbean – Yellow Rabbit: May 31 to June 2 in Mexico City
  • South America – Magicsur: May 31 to June 2 in Santiago, Chile

This round of Regional Championships features players bringing their best Standard Constructed decks for their shot at prize money and Pro Tour invitations.

All participants in this round of Regional Championship Qualifiers receive a non-foil copy of the Secret Lair Prize Card Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle featuring artwork from Graham Yarrington.

Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle (Borderless Secret Lair Prize Promo)
Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle
(Borderless Secret Lair Prize Promo)

Additionally, top finishers will receive a traditional foil copy of Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle. The number of traditional foil promos awarded differs by region. Prize money and Pro Tour invites also differ by region, so check with your regional organizers for more details on the event you are qualified to attend or is nearest to you.

Regional Championship Qualifiers April 20 to July 21

A brand-new round of Regional Championship Qualifiers (RCQs) will kick off April 20, and these RCQs will start you on your path toward Pro Tour "Tennis," the first Pro Tour in 2025.

This round will feature RCQs at WPN stores in either Limited or Pioneer Constructed formats. Destination RCQ events—typically bigger open tournaments held in larger venues such as hotel ballrooms—may differ, so for those, be sure to check your organizer's website for all details.

The RCQ promos for this round have also undergone a refresh as previously shown back in February. Participants can get a copy of a non-foil Springleaf Drum featuring the artwork of F. Malta while supplies last.

Springleaf Drum (Borderless Secret Lair Play Promo)
Springleaf Drum
(Borderless Secret Lair Play Promo)

Finish among top players in your RCQ and take home a non-foil copy of the Goblin Guide Secret Lair Prize Card featuring art from Luke Pearson. Additionally, players who earn an invite to the fall 2024 Regional Championships during this RCQ round get a traditional foil copy of Goblin Guide!

Goblin Guide (Borderless Secret Lair Prize Promo)
Goblin Guide
(Borderless Secret Lair Prize Promo)

That's a hefty haul of programs at which to play the new Outlaws of Thunder Junction release. And as always, it starts at your local game store, so get your gang together and get ready for the heist of a lifetime a fun few weeks of Magic with friends!