Most Wanted Player Graphic

Will You Be the Most Wanted Player in Thunder Junction?

Outlaws, we're counting on you! To celebrate the release of Outlaws of Thunder Junction on April 19, we're running a promotion in partnership with WPN stores in the United Kingdom during the Standard Showdown.

Standard Showdown is a weekly program, run by WPN retailers to bring their Standard Constructed community together for a few hours of fun, with some added prizes to spice things up.

Take a shot at becoming your store's most wanted player and qualify to win an exclusive "golden nugget."

Take Home a Golden Nugget Spindown!

Interested? Join your friends and meet other outlaws at a local WPN store and prove yourself as the most wanted player in your area.

At your local Standard Showdown, the store owner will be selecting one player who has the "most wanted" bounty (this will often be the player who won at the previous Standard Showdown in the store). If you play against this player and win during the event, you will be rewarded with a golden nugget spindown die. If that player manages to evade capture by winning all their games, they will get to keep a golden nugget die for themselves.

This will continue to run at each Standard Showdown event until the vault is empty (while supplies last), so you can come back each week to try and catch the most wanted player—or maybe find yourself on the bounty board!

It's time to saddle up for a showdown! Dust off your cowboy hat, get the crew together, and join us for a rootin'-tootin' good time of Magic with friends at your favorite local game store!