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The Art of Gatecrash

The last five guilds. We had a lot of ready-to-go assets from the concept push as well as from the original Ravnica block. Aleksi, Wayne, Pete, Sam, and Richard had nailed down many great ideas and several final drawings for the Gatecrash guilds during...

The Look of

Well over a year ago as of this writing, before any of you had even seen Innistrad, Magic creative was full speed on the turnpike back to Ravnica. The challenges were similar to those of revisiting Mirrodin, but with a couple of differences. The first...

Creating the Art of Innistrad

Innistrad is a plane of misty hills, autumnal color, canopied forest, overcast days, and deadly nights. I'm going to take you on a guided journey down the twisty path that led us here visually.Forest | Art by Eytan ZanaLet's rewind a couple of years. A...
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