Remember yesterday, when we announced From the Vault: Exiled? Well, it occurred to us that you might not know all 126 cards that have ever been banned right off the top of your head. And we're very ashamed of you.

Sorry about that. Normally, we try not to judge you. Not to your face, anyway. The point is: this is the complete list of cards that have been banned in any format, not counting cards that have only been banned in Magic Online-specific formats. And this doesn't incorporate any cards that might be banned when we announce the March 20 Banned and Restricted List update tomorrow. Oh, and there's one more thing: the cards in italics are the ones that are on the Reserved List, which means they’re not in From the Vault: Exiled.

Whew. Okay, did you catch all that? Good. Now let's go!

Aether VialGaea's CradleOath of Druids
Ali from CairoGauntlet of MightOrcish Oriflamme
Amulet of QuozGifts UngivenPersonal Tutor
Ancestral RecallGoblin LackeyPonder
Ancient DenGoblin RecruiterRebirth
Ancient TombGreat FurnaceRecall
Arcbound RavagerGrim MonolithRegrowth
Bazaar of BaghdadHermit DruidRishadan Port
BerserkHurkyl's RecallRukh Egg
Black LotusHypnotic SpecterSeat of the Synod
Black ViseIcy ManipulatorSensei's Divining Top
BraingeyserIllusionary MaskSerendib Efreet
BrainstormImperial SealSerra's Sanctum
Bronze TabletIvory TowerShahrazad
Burning WishJeweled BirdSkullclamp
ChannelKird ApeSol Ring
Chaos OrbLand TaxSquandered Resources
Chrome MoxLibrary of AlexandriaStrip Mine
Contract from BelowLin Sivvi, Defiant HeroStroke of Genius
Crop RotationLion's Eye DiamondSurvival of the Fittest
Cursed ScrollLotus PetalTempest Efreet
Dark RitualMana CryptThawing Glaciers
DarkpactMana DrainTime Spiral
Darksteel CitadelMana VaultTime Vault
Demonic AttorneyMaze of IthTime Walk
Demonic ConsultationMemory JarTimetwister
Demonic TutorMerchant ScrollTimmerian Fiends
Dingus EggMetalworkerTinker
Disciple of the VaultMind over MatterTolarian Academy
Divine InterventionMind TwistTree of Tales
DoomsdayMind's DesireTrinisphere
Dream HallsMirror UniverseUnderworld Dreams
EarthcraftMishra's WorkshopVampiric Tutor
Enlightened TutorMox DiamondVault of Whispers
EntombMox EmeraldVoltaic Key
Fact or FictionMox JetWheel of Fortune
Falling StarMox PearlWindfall
FastbondMox RubyWorldgorger Dragon
FlashMox SapphireYawgmoth's Bargain
ForkMystical TutorYawgmoth's Will
Frantic SearchNecropotenceZuran Orb