(Editor's Note: Information on foil borderless planeswalker cards found in Collector Boosters has been updated on 11/5.)

It's finally time! Commander Legends is nearly here. This set has been years in the making—and I am so excited it's finally coming out and that you will all get to experience it.

And of course, for a project of this scale and size, we've included some pretty awesome treatments, not only to the cards in the main set but several Commander staples as well!

Commander Legends has both Draft Boosters and Collector Boosters. When and how does everything show up? Read on!

(And if you just want to see the list of what's in the Collector Boosters, you can click here to skip ahead.)

Borderless Planeswalkers

First up, let's cover what has become a staple ever since we kicked off project Booster Fun: borderless planeswalker cards with alternate art!

The Commander Legends main set has two planeswalkers in it, and each of them gets a special borderless version. You'll see the second one later, but Mark Rosewater revealed our first in his column today. Say hello to borderless Tevesh Szat!

Borderless Tevesh

This is the first-ever planeswalker with regular partner, and there's all kinds of fun mixing and matching to do here.

You can find these cards in both regular Draft Boosters, as well as Collector Boosters.

Buy-a-Box and Prerelease Promo

Commander Legends has a Buy-a-Box card, and we made sure it was one that could go into a lot of Commander decks. . .not to mention some Pioneer and Modern decks, too! It's Mana Confluence!

Mana Confluence Buy-a-Box

Mana Confluence does not otherwise appear in Commander Legends.

This card is in foil. You will receive one of these when you purchase a Draft or Collector Booster box from your WPN game store, while supplies last. Especially if you plan on getting one from a Collector Booster box, I recommend contacting your store in advance to gauge availability because of the production delays to Commander Legends Collector Boosters.

Additionally, during the Prerelease week for Commander Legends, stores will have an alternate-art version of Sengir, the Dark Baron. This features art done by Pete Venters, the original artist of Baron Sengir!

Sengir, the Dark Baron promo

This promo also only appears in foil, and only at your WPN game stores while supplies last.

Foil-Etched Legendary Creatures

In Commander Legends, we're debuting a brand-new kind of foiling: foil etched!

Cards with the foil-etched treatment have a brand-new frame, which really lets the treatment shine. This new foiling treatment appears on every legendary creature in the set and really gives the whole card a distinctive look. I find that the best thing to do is just show one—so let's cut right to the chase!

Here's an example of what a foil-etched Prossh looks like:

Wait, Prossh you say? That card's not in Commander Legends!

In addition to the 69 legendary creatures in the main set, we hand-selected 32 popular reprint "legends" from Magic's history for this treatment, too! (It is important to note that the two planeswalkers get the above borderless versions instead of foil-etched versions.)

These can appear in the Draft Boosters infrequently and also appear in every Collector Booster.

Extended-Art Cards

Something you've come to expect out of Collector Boosters are extended-art cards—and Commander Legends not only has them. . .but it has tons of them!

You can find all the nonlegendary rares and mythic rares in the main set available in extended-art versions! They look like this:

Extended-art Keeper of the Accord

This is not only your chance to grab sweet new cards in extended art, but also your first chance to find many staples in their extended-art versions as well.

And speaking of staples. . .that's not all.

One thing really emblematic to me of Commander is how many common and uncommon staples there are of the format. So, we hand-selected a list of 33 common and uncommon reprints to receive extended art as well.

Extended-art Command Tower

The rule for us choosing these cards is that they could be cards which appeared either in Commander Legends or in the associated Commander Legends Commander decks. In particular, we tried to choose cards that either were popular requests for alternate versions (like Command Tower) or didn't already have a ton of easily accessible alternative versions.

You will find both the rare or mythic rare and common or uncommon extended-art cards in Collector Boosters. They do not appear in Draft Boosters.

Collector Booster Contents

You might be wondering: what exactly is inside of Commander Legends Collector Boosters? For those who want to dive into it, here it is, slot by slot:

  • 5 Foil commons. This is a foil common from the main set of Commander Legends, in a regular frame. Although The Prismatic Piper has a special rarity of "S," not common, you can open one here since it acts similar to a common. And just as a note, the main set has no basic lands, so you won't be opening any up here either.
  • 2 Foil uncommon, rare, and/or mythic rare legendary cards. These are normal-frame, foil versions of legendary creatures and planeswalkers in the set. The five possible combinations you can open here are two uncommons, an uncommon and a rare, two rares, a mythic rare and an uncommon, and a rare and a mythic rare.
  • 1 Foil rare or mythic rare nonlegendary card. It sometimes has extended art. This can be any rare or mythic rare in the main set, which is not a legendary creature or planeswalker. This card is foil. Additionally, about 30% of the time, this upgrades to a foil extended-art card!
  • 1 Extended-art common or uncommon card, nonlegendary. This is one of the 33 commons and uncommons given this treatment, in non-foil. These cards were selected from cards which appeared in either the main set or the Commander Legends Commander decks. The commons and uncommons appear at an equal rate. You can find a list of these cards once they've been revealed here.
  • 1 Extended-art rare or mythic rare, nonlegendary. This can be any nonlegendary rare or mythic rare from the Commander Legends main set, non-foil and in extended art.
  • 2 Foil uncommons, nonlegendary. Sometimes, this is a common or uncommon with extended art. These are two foil uncommons from the set, in a normal frame, that aren't legendary. Each of these slots has a chance to be turned into a foil extended-art card, about 20% of the time. When that happens, it can be either a common or uncommon extended-art card.
  • 1 Foil-etched uncommon legendary creature. This has one legendary uncommon foil-etched card, which can be any uncommon legendary creature in the main set. (You can see a video of the treatment above.) This can also be The Prismatic Piper, which is rarity S.
  • 1 Foil-etched reprint legendary creature. We have selected 32 reprint legends, not otherwise in the set, to receive the foil-etched treatment. (You can find the list of these reprint legends once they've been revealed here.) Regardless of if their original rarity was rare or mythic rare, they all appear here as mythic rares. You will find one of these, such as the Prossh featured above, in every Commander Legends Collector Booster.
  • 1 Foil-etched rare or mythic rare legendary creature or foil borderless planeswalker. This is your slot for an awesome version of a foil legendary card! You will open a foil-etched rare or mythic rare legendary creature here or, because the planeswalkers don't appear in the foil-etched treatment, the borderless version of one of the two possible planeswalkers.
  • 1 Foil double-sided token. Commander Legends has an array of cool tokens—and this is the only place you can find the foil ones!

Where is Everything?

We've gone over a lot in this article, so I want to take a moment to recap where they can all be found so everybody here has a quick reference.

CMR Collector Boosters

Borderless planeswalker cards: These can be found in Draft Boosters and Collector Boosters. Collector Boosters will only contain the foil version.

Buy-a-Box promo Mana Confluence: This single card can only be found at a WPN location, as something you receive for purchasing a booster box of Commander Legends or Commander Legends Collector Boosters. (While supplies last!)

Prerelease promo Sengir, the Dark Baron: This single card can only be found at a WPN location, as something you can receive from your store during Prerelease for Commander Legends. (While supplies last!)

Foil-etched legendary creatures: These can be found occasionally in Draft Boosters, and they appear in multiples in every Collector Booster.

Extended-art cards: These are exclusive to Commander Legends Collector Boosters! Every pack has at least two.

Your Legendary Collection

Commander Legends is chock-full of great new cards and plenty of treatments that make them look better than ever. And I would absolutely love to know what you think about all these treatments!

Please feel free to send me your feedback on Twitter, YouTube, or even good ol' fashioned email at beyondbasicsmagic@gmail.com, and I'll be sure to take a look. I always love hearing from you, and it will help us determine future treatments like these!

And finally, so many people have put time and energy into this set. And especially when it comes to the creation of the visuals and styles behind these incredible-looking cards, I want to deeply thank our Art, Editing, Imaging, Operations, and Production teams for making this happen. Without heroes like Alicia Mickes, David Stevens, Del Laugel, Jessica Lanzillo, Sandra Everingham, Tom Wanerstrand, and their teams (truly, just to name a few of the many, many, many people who touched the cards you see here) pushing for greatness, we would not be able to have these gorgeous cards to show you today.

I'll talk with you soon (on Good Morning Magic, no doubt!)—and I hope you enjoy the truly legendary set that is Commander Legends!

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