We've launched a new store locator. It's a completely free map tool to help players find both events and Wizards Play Network locations! The store locator is now translated into all eleven languages we support, but it's also now available for your mobile device.

When you pull up the store locator you'll be greeted with a window like this:

If you're looking for something specific, such as finding what stores around you host Standard Friday Night Magic events, then the advance search options will take care of that.

Note that your view might differ from mine; these were taken on the dev environment, so the search options might differ from what is live.

You might also notice that the new store locator is a very much upgraded interface for users, but also stores! Let's take a look at a local store:

The layout is clean and easy to read. What it does is focus on the stores and venues for events. Want to know where you can play FNM near you? It will search and display all the stores around you hosting FNM.

Are you about to head off to college in the coming months and need to know where you can play nearest your campus? The store locator can help you!

Once you find a store you want to check out, you can see every sanctioned event it has scheduled:

On this listing, you'll see the Facebook "Like" buttons so you can easily share with your friends what events you'll be attending—and where! Also, there is the calendar icon on the left side of each row, which will let you add the event to your calendar. This also means stores now have an easily managed centralized calendar for all their Wizards of the Coast Organized Play events!

As I mentioned, we're offering it in eleven languages! Additionally, if you're on the go, you'll find this is a mobile-optimized site. If your phone has a GPS it will ask permission to use your location as the basis for your search.