The List gets Un-ed with the release of Unfinity on October 7! This is The List for Unfinity—it's like The List you know and love, but with spins only an Un- set could inspire.

There are 60 cards on The List for Unfinity—58 individual cards plus two that have two variants each—selected from the constellation of past Un- sets. Here are just a few examples:

Cards on The List appearing in Unfinity feature the Planeswalker symbol in the lower left-hand corner just like cards from previous versions of The List. However, these cards will all be in traditional foil (some with a few updates to make them shine), and they can only be found in Unfinity Collector Boosters.

Note that a card that is on The List does not make it legal in Standard (or any other format); cards on The List are legal in those formats in which they would normally be legal.

Here's a look back at other versions of The List.

The List for Unfinity

Below is a complete list of the cards on The List for Unfinity.

(Note: card images that appear may not match the version found on The List. See the set identifier in the righthand column for the version included.)

Card NameSet
Flavor JudgeUND
Frankie PeanutsUND
Staying PowerUND
Syr Cadian, Knight OwlUND
Alexander ClamiltonUND
Avatar of MeUND
B.O.B. (Bevy of Beebles)UND
Richard Garfield, Ph.D.UND
Acornelia, Fashionable FilcherUND
Enter the DungeonUND
Infernal Spawn of Infernal Spawn of EvilUND
Infernius Spawnington III, Esq.UND
Blast from the PastUND
Infinity ElementalUND
Yet Another Aether VortexUND
Old FogeyUND
Pippa, Duchess of DiceUND
Surgeon General CommanderUND
Sword of Dungeons & DragonsUND
By Gnome MeansUST
Do-It-Yourself SeraphUST
Oddly UnevenUST
Rules LawyerUST
Animate LibraryUST
Graveyard BusybodyUST
Incite InsightUST
Masterful NinjaUST
Over My Dead BodiesUST
Spike, Tournament GrinderUST
Summon the PackUST
The Big IdeaUST
The Countdown Is at OneUST
Steamflogger of the MonthUST
Three-Headed GoblinUST
As Luck Would Have ItUST
Earl of SquirrelUST
Baron Von CountUST
Better Than OneUST
Cramped BunkerUST
Dr. Julius JumblemorphUST
The Grand CalcutronUST
Grusilda, Monster MasherUST
Hot FixUST
Ol' BuzzbarkUST
Phoebe, Head of S.N.E.A.K.UST
Mary O'KillUST
Angelic RocketUST
Handy Dandy Clone MachineUST
Modular MonstrosityUST
Split ScreenUST
Ineffable Blessing (a)UST
Ineffable Blessing (c)UST
Everythingamajig (a)UST
Everythingamajig (f)UST