Today's deck is an exciting one! Josh Bova finished in third place at a Premier Invitational Qualifier with a combo deck that tries to chain as many Time Walk effects as possible in an attempt to take "infinite" turns. I am using the word "infinite" loosely here; this deck can't actually go infinite, but combined with enough ways to draw cards and churn through your deck, it can certainly feel that way.

So what are you supposed to do with this deck? The early game will play out like a typical control deck. You'll want to play your lands and leave up mana to counter your opponent's spells. If they don't play anything worth countering, then you'll want to cast an end-of-turn Dictate of Kruphix to get your engine going. This card will allow you to draw two cards per turn in order to find more Time Walks! Once you are at five mana, you can begin your combo. Cast a Time Warp to take your first extra turn, and then from there you'll want to cast as many of these extra turn effects as possible so that your opponent never gets another turn.

It's really hard to stop this deck once it gets going. Gigadrowse is one of your most crucial spells, as it will tap your opponent out to ensure that they won't be able to stop you. I've seen versions of this deck that play more Gigadrowses and even Exhaustion so that even if you have to give a turn back to your opponent, you'll feel safe knowing that they won't be doing much.

This deck has only three cards that can win you the game, but that's okay because you'll be going through your entire deck. Jace Beleren can be activated every turn until you can ultimate him to make your opponent draw their deck; Thassa, God of the Sea can attack four times until your opponent is dead; and finally, Part the Waterveil can make a 6/6 creature that you can attack with every turn.

The best part about this deck is that you'll never have any fear of decking out, because Elixir of Immortality can recycle your cards again and again.

Joshua Bova's Mono-Blue Turns

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