Tim Wilson recently made the Top 8 of StarCityGames.com Open: Kansas City with a deck called Nic Fit. I was about to write about how it was one of the many Legacy decks with an absurd name that makes no sense, which I'll never understand, but I thought it might be more informative to google it and let you know what's up instead of complaining about asinine deck names.

Cabal Therapy

It turns out, "Nic Fit" comes from a forum where the thread was supposed to be about "Nice Fit" because of the synergies in the deck, but it was written with a typo, and the name stuck. It seems odd to title it "Nice Fit" to begin with, since most decks are based on approximately this amount of synergy, but there you have it.

Anyway, the "nice fit" in this deck is the interaction between Veteran Explorer and Cabal Therapy, which really are exceptional together. Cabal Therapy is an amazing card that doesn't get played enough anyway, because it's not too easy to have creatures you don't care about (or better yet, actively want to sacrifice), and Veteran Explorer allows the deck to play some fun cards that other Legacy decks don't get to play—and that's why I'm featuring this deck.

I think it's awesome that this deck has a Broodmate Dragon and a couple Huntmaster of the Fells. Why those? Why not? Who cares? Any five- or six-mana creature that has seen play in Constructed in the last three years is probably good enough—the Dragon could just as easily be Grave Titan. (Not to belittle the serious work I'm sure Tim Wilson did in choosing the exact right creatures—and Broodmate Dragon is a good choice in a format with Swords to Plowshares and Lightning Bolt.)

The point is that this is a fun deck that has good disruptive elements and ramp, which let you play much sweeter big spells than other Legacy decks.

Tim Wilson's Nic Fit

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