Welcome to Magic Egg Week! In honor of Easter, this week of MagicTheGathering.com is dedicated to the symbol of rebirth and renewal, the egg, and you may be surprised to find we have no lack of material. Anthony will talk about how to harness the power of the Triassic Egg (from Legends) in multiplayer. Ben will trace the history of the egg from the Dingus Egg to the present. Jay will explore the deck building possibilities of Rukh Egg (Arabian Nights) and Chicken Egg (Unglued). And Randy will wrap up the week exploring the development of Odyssey’s Darkwater Egg.

I have the fun job of finally revealing a few tangible tidbits about Judgment. What does this have to do with eggs? Well, sit tight, you’re in for a ride.

Our story begins about a year ago as Bill Rose (the head of R&D) and I were sitting around his office thinking about what to do with Judgment. We knew that Torment had a cool hook being the “black set” and we were looking for some neat angle for Judgment. At the time I was fiddling around with Odyssey cards on Bill’s desk when I stumbled across an Atogatog. And then the idea hit me like a thunderbolt. Unglued 2!

I’d done most of the work on the set years earlier before it had been put on hiatus. Often times the topic comes up of what to do with the Unglued 2 cards. During the last few years, we’ve found ways to introduce a handful of them (Atogatog, the Fire/Ice, etc.) into tournament legal expansions. Bill and I tend to think on similar wavelengths, so when I waved the Atogatog and said, “Now could be the time,” Bill laughed.

As the saying goes, if you can’t bring the mountain to Mohammed, bring Mohammed to the mountain. What if we took a regular expansion and Unglued it just a little? We could take a number of the unused Unglued 2 cards and mix it in. Torment was the “black set”; Judgment could be the “whack set.”

Remember that Unglued had a strong chicken theme. To follow up, Unglued 2 had a strong egg theme. (Which incidentally answers which came first, at least in Magic.) We had already created the egg cycle in Odyssey so the egg theme seemed ideal. Yes, I’m proud to announce that Judgment will be the “egg set.” Besides revisiting all the eggs of Magic’s past (be sure to check out Ben’s column on Wednesday), Judgment will be introducing some of the wackiest eggs you’ve ever seen.

It’s a little early to be showing finished cards, but I’ve gotten the okay to show you a few playtest “egg” cards. Be aware that these are pre-development, so a few of the cards have changed a bit between these versions and the printed ones.

Egg Lotus
Sacrifice CARDNAME: Add one mana to your mana pool at the start of each main phase for every turn during the entire match.

Dodo Egg
Creature - Bird Egg
CARDNAME comes into play with three hatch counters on it. At the beginning of each turn, move a hatch counter to target permanent you control. If that permanent references a counter type in its rules text, the counter becomes that kind of counter.
If CARDNAME has no hatch counters on it, it gets +4/+3 and gains flying.

Jurassic Egg
As CARDNAME comes into play, choose a letter. Whenever a card is played that has the chosen letter in its name, put a breeding counter on CARDNAME.
Remove X breeding counters from CARDNAME: Put an X/X green dinosaur token into play.

Nationals and Worlds are going to be a little wackier than normal this year. If I were telling the truth, that is. Which I’m not.


Hey, it’s April 1st. We had to have a little fun with you. In reality it's Land Destruction week here at MagicTheGathering.com. If you want to read my real column for this week, click here.