Welcome to What If… Week! In honor of the alternate reality craziness that is Planar Chaos, we've decided to have a theme week all about alternate realities. Not one alternate reality mind you, but every column this week will be exploring a different what if scenario. And for each one, the author was allowed to pick the what if situation he wanted.

As a Monday columnist I get the chance to start this ball rolling, so let me begin by telling you my what if:

What if… Magicthegathering.com (and "Making Magic") had been around in Magic's early days?

You see, I had always wondered what early Magic would had been like if Magicthegathering.com (and well I guess the internet as we know it today) was around when Magic began. My column today is a glimpse at what that might have been like. In case you need it, here's a link to the Arabian Nights sortable spoiler. You'll understand why in a second.

Click here to see that glimpse.

What is 'What If?' Week?

It's "What If?" Week here on magicthegathering.com, and in the spirit of Planar Chaos, we're presenting you with a variety of "What If?" alternate reality scenarios. Some of them, like this one, explain the premise up-front; others, Kelly Digges’s feature article, encourage you to figure out the "What If?" on your own. Ask Wizards and Card of the Day are in on the fun as well, containing implied "What If?" questions, but Arcana is "normal" – we didn't feel alternate reality scenarios would play well in that format. Thanks for reading, and enjoy "What If?" Week!