Asthe final week of original content for 2005 (we start with the “Best of” articles next week), I present Topical Blend #2. Several weeks ago, you were given the task of voting for two different topics. The first was Magic related and the second was non-Magic related. Last time 'round you all picked Top Design Mistakes and Girls respectively. Let’s see how this time went. In the Magic category, the voting went like this:

List A - Magic Related (Choose One)
What happened to Pestilence?4637.8%
Pros and Cons of Introducing a Sixth Color4637.8%
Impossible things to do in Magic3425.7%
Biggest changes in Magic that never happened2554.3%
Possible ways to make Magic more appealing to women1943.3%
Why Skeletons are not just really, really rotten Zombies, despite what Cohen the Barbarian said to Ghaak in "The Last Hero" by Terry Pratchett1482.5%
6th Color Pros and Cons1472.5%
Stories about banned cards I've designed1452.4%
Poison Abilities in Magic (Why was it abandoned? Will it come back in a new set? Etc.)1372.3%
Original Decisions in Magic (Why five colors? Why those basic lands?, etc.)1352.3%
Cards That Failed To Get Through Design1262.1%
The Power Nin1242.1%
Impossible things to do in Magic1162.0%
Why Magic cards seem better now than they used to1061.8%
Ooze Creature Types in Magic1001.7%
Advantages for adding a 6th color951.6%
What Would Magic Be Like Without Rarity941.6%
What would early Magic (Arabian Nights through Fallen Empires) have been like under the block system921.5%
Math and Magic911.5%
Zero-Cost Spells901.5%
Magic Legends From R&D's Secret Lair891.5%
Legacy (the format, as opposed to the collection of artifacts that Gerard was responsible for)881.5%
Game Theory and Battle of Wits771.3%
History of Grizzly Bears (and other 2-drop 2/2s)741.2%
Enchant Worlds (aka World Enchantments)731.2%
Most embarassing moments of the Pro Tour701.2%
Player Evolution (I personally think everyone (who isn't influenced a lot by others) goes through stages in their magic experience)691.2%
Popular Cards vs. Good Cards (And How We Design Each)671.1%
People who don't like new sets641.1%
Most Comical Day in R&D631.1%
R&D's reflections about the Urza Block (with Multiverse comments, maybe?)560.9%
Top Magic Cards Inspired by Real People/Items/Events540.9%
Un-set design530.9%
The coolest color combination520.9%
Coin Flip Cards490.8%
The color red480.8%
Storyline Development470.8%
Deck Milling throughout history (Altar of Dementia)450.8%
Balancing/Creating New Countermagic450.8%
Magic Art420.7%
Three color cards410.7%
Your top regrets in Magic410.7%
Abilities that could be made into keywords (e.g., "Whenever this creature deals damage, you gain that much life.") and why you haven't done so380.6%
The race-class system370.6%
The Role of Chaos Inducing Cards360.6%
The Role of Chaos Inducing Cards300.5%
Design of vanilla creatures (!)270.5%
How to know the game has been stretched too far270.5%
Exploring virgin territory in design260.4%
Choosing Set Themes220.4%
Why cats in Magic have creature type Cat but dogs in Magic have creature type Hound (instead of Dog)220.4%
Expansion symbols and logos210.4%
How Magic decks are similar to and different from openings and opening positions in other games (e.g., chess and Stratego)200.3%
How the internet has affected Magic200.3%
Creature Types190.3%
How Sixth Edition Rules Affect Design180.3%
How has affected the game?180.3%
Recent changes to the color pie180.3%
Set Superdesign (amount of cards, amount of cards per color, amount of sets, release dates of sets etc)170.3%
Why Urza's is a Land Subtype rather than a Land Supertype.160.3%
The importance of Eternal formats150.3%
How the Public Impacts Magic140.2%
Ways you've changed cards to make it harder for players to cheat with them130.2%
Creature Types: Where do They Come From?120.2%
The design and economy of Fat Packs110.2%
How to successfully lead a design team100.2%
Self-sacrifice cards and forced sacrifice100.2%
The Reduction of the number of X Spells in Magic90.2%
Interconnectivity of sets90.2%
Cards with Flying80.1%
Does Rules Lawyering Detract from Magic80.1%
Designing Enchantments70.1%
Themes outside Magic affecting Magic design60.1%
Magic's Resource System40.1%
Internal set structure20.0%
Cards that change controller whenever something specific happens (as with, e.g., Fractured Loyalty)20.0%

The winner was Pros and Cons of Introducing a Sixth Color. Note that there were accidentally three different versions of that topic and, as such, all three were counted as a single topic. But what lovely non-Magic topic would “Pros and Cons of Introducing a Sixth Color” get to share space with?

List B - Non-Magic Related (Choose One)
Mark Rosewater is $%^# insane!86911.5%
Dungeons & Dragons5046.7%
Family Guy4135.5%
Monty Python3564.7%
Mark Gottlieb3234.3%
Chaos theory2253.0%
Richard Garfield Anecdotes2182.9%
The Matrix2062.7%
Star Wars1962.6%
The concept of Zero1782.4%
Heavy Metal1752.3%
Why Canada spells things differently1451.9%
Throat Wolf1421.9%
Norse Mythology1401.9%
Things new employees at have to go thru at Wizards1361.8%
End of the World (or mankind)1331.8%
Video Games1261.7%
Ramen Noodles1181.6%
World War II1161.5%
How to argue and win (you always say there's lots of arguing and debate there and as team leader you often need to settle these I assume)1111.5%
That gunk that gets into your mouse1101.5%
The movie Twelve Angry Men1081.4%
Idiots and the Internet1051.4%
Time Travel971.3%
The life and works of William Shakespeare951.3%
Richard Garfield vs Houdini941.2%
Sigmund Freud931.2%
Puppies and Kittens: Cute Pets, or Intergalactic Invaders?881.2%
My top regrets in life811.1%
Comic Books811.1%
How to keep a marriage together781.0%
Dr. Seuss771.0%
Are Tomatoes Fruit?741.0%
My favorite riddles and their answers rewritten in the context of whatever the other topic is your blending731.0%
Sir Isaac Newton721.0%
Pet Peeves (aka Rants)580.8%
Artificial Intelligence570.8%
Geek figures in history560.7%
Lies in the Media510.7%
Old Cartoons460.6%
Soap opera and the proletariat color conflict400.5%
My favorite game370.5%
Eating out370.5%
Giant Turtles370.5%
Chicken and the Egg350.5%
Magic (you know like rabbits out of hats and such)340.5%
My Personal Life330.4%
My production assistant days300.4%
Experiences in school280.4%
TV shows you like200.3%
Bad injuries170.2%
Clarence Darrow160.2%
My fans140.2%
My favorite recipes140.2%
Writing for television130.2%
Inspirational Sources110.1%
Office Supplies90.1%
Hotel reservations90.1%
Famous People20.0%
Snack Foods10.0%

“Mark Rosewater is %#@$ Insane” won in a landslide. I’m not sure how many people that voted for the topic realize this but it comes from a reoccurring thread in the forums on a humor Magic website. Every time I would write a crazy column (and a few times when the columns weren’t so crazy), there was always a thread started with some variant of this title. (%#@$ is a synonym of the word guano. Look it up.)

So what happens when a Sixth Color in Magic crosses paths with my insanity? You will see. Oh yes, you shall see.