It's time for the very first Arena Championship! This weekend, September 24–25, 32 of the best players in MTG Arena are facing off to earn the title of Arena Champion and a seat at World Championship XXVIII.

For the rest of us, it's not too late to start climbing toward the next Arena Championship, and it can all start with this week's Bonus Play-In. Get six match wins in this Play-In event to earn your seat at the October 15–16 Qualifier Weekend if you're not already qualified.

The Bonus Play-In: Championship Showcase is a Preconstructed Best-of-One event, and players choose from one of the ten Alchemy decks submitted by the following Arena Championship 1 competitors:

  • Holger Althues
  • Humberto Patarca
  • Liao Wen-Jiun
  • Matthew Watkins
  • Michael Bonde
  • Per Lundstrom
  • Sam Rolph
  • Shota Yasooka
  • Yota Kato
  • Yu Kutsuzawa

Take a look at the complete Alchemy decklists submitted for Arena Championship 1 and to find your favorite. You may swap decks after each match.

Bonus Play-In: Championship Showcase Event Details

Dates: September 24, 6 a.m. PT (13:00 UTC)–September 26, 6 a.m. PT (13:00 UTC)

Format: Alchemy Preconstructed

Structure: 6 Wins or 2 losses

Entry: 20,000 Gold or 4,000 gems or 20 Play-In Points


Bonus Play-In: Championship Showcase
Alchemy Preconstructed (Best-of-One)
6 Wins6,000 gems + October Qualifier Weekend invitation
5 Wins6,000 gems
4 Wins4,500 gems
3 Wins3,000 gems
2 Wins1,500 gems
1 Win1,000 gems
0 Wins500 gems