You ever have one of those days where things are going pretty great, you’re on the up-and-up at your job, then all of a sudden your new demonlord of a boss decides that maybe you’re too much of a go-getter and need to be punished? And then you find yourself turned into a maggot? And then, some frog comes along and decides its totally okay to eat you? And then, growing a little upset by all of this you, whatever you are at this point, decides to burst from the fleshy, froggy confines as a ravenous spirit of hunger and malice?

. . . Or maybe this sounds like just another Thursday.

Regardless, it’s time to turn that frog-spirit frown upside down, let loose some burbles and shrieks, and celebrate yargself!

Happy Yargle Day, everyone!

Yargle Day Event Details

  • Yargle makes the rules! Yargle has provided decks for everyone to use, and we've even cleaned most of the slime off them.
  • Yargle is the center of attention! Yargle is the only non-common card allowed, and you'll have plenty of extra so you won't run out.
  • Yargle is special! Yargle will be faster to get into the fight, so nobody has to have fun alone.

Entry Fee: None!
Event Dates: September 3, 2020

  • 2 Wins: 300 XP
  • 1 Wins: 900 XP
  • All Players: Finding time for yourself and enjoying some Magic: The Gathering.

Secret Lair: Happy Yargle Day

It seems a single card in Dominaria was not enough to appease this beautiful, cruel spirit, so we have printed several popular cards with new art celebrating his glorious visage. This drop is only available for a limited time, so head over to to learn more!