Storybook adventures, enchanting tales, and of course ... beautifully wicked basic land art. Wilds of Eldraine's twisted fairy tales reopen the book to explore the alluring plane of Eldraine. Enchant your characters with Roles, strike bargains for a leg up, and celebrate with us as we open the book (digitally) of this wildly wonderful set.

Check out the Wilds of Eldraine Card Image Gallery to see all the upcoming cards!

Collecting Wilds of Eldraine on MTG Arena

Enchant Your Deck

MTG Arena brings to the table enchanting cosmetics to paint the perfect cover on your deck. From the flair of full-art storybook basic lands ...

to special borderless treatments of your favorite characters and Planeswalkers ...

Wilds of Eldraine is taking over MTG Arena faster than the Wicked Slumber. And we would never be able to tell our digital stories without the storybook adventures:

Make sure to give your cards the storybook ending they deserve!

Enchanting Tales (WOT)

Enchanting Tales are 63 returning fan-favorite enchantments that feature new storybook-inspired frames, art, and flavor text—and yes, they'll be available on MTG Arena! Though you may see them in Wilds of Eldraine packs on MTG Arena, these cards have their own expansion symbol and set code (WOT), and they are not Standard legal unless they also appear in another set that's legal in Standard:

  • If you open one in your sealed pool, you can play with it in the event!
  • Similarly, if you draft one in an event, you can also play with it!

As we introduced with March of the Machine, these bonus sheet cards will appear in packs already featuring their beautiful and enchanting treatment.

Enchanting Tales in Historic

The cards will also be available for play in Historic, with a few notable exceptions. Many of these cards are fan favorites for a reason, and that reason is power. As such, six of the cards will be proactively banned in Historic 60-card Constructed formats (both Best-of-One and Best-of-Three): Necropotence, Blood Moon, Land Tax, Spreading Seas, Sneak Attack, and Intruder Alarm.

They will still be playable in Historic Brawl.

Wilds of Eldraine Mechanics

While Eldraine has all the features of a proper storybook set, like Adventures and Sagas, there are some new twists to familiar tales, and even the fae folk must play by the rules. Here's a look at how each new mechanic will work on MTG Arena!

For more information, check out the Wilds of Eldraine Mechanics article.


Be a hero. Or be wicked. Or royal. Or a monster. This is your tale to tell, after all—and there are plenty of roles to play! Roles are six new predefined tokens, each one an Aura with enchant creature:

  • Cursed – Enchanted creature has base power and toughness 1/1.
  • Monster – Enchanted creature gets +1/+1 and has trample.
  • Royal – Enchanted creature gets +1/+1 and has ward {1}.
  • Sorcerer – Enchanted creature gets +1/+1 and has "Whenever this creature attacks, scry 1."
  • Wicked – Enchanted creature gets +1/+1 and "When this Aura is put into a graveyard from the battlefield, each opponent loses 1 life."
  • Young Hero – Enchanted creature has "Whenever this creature attacks, if its toughness is 3 or less, put a +1/+1 counter on it."

Any time a creature has more than one Role controlled by the same player attached to it, the creature keeps the newest Role and all the others controlled by that player are put into the graveyard (and then cease to exist because they're tokens).

Role image Role image 2

When a creature is assigned a Role on MTG Arena, you'll see the aforementioned Aura token beneath the card, and the enchanted creature will be updated to reflect the bonuses—or, in the case of Cursed[nbsp]… the curse—they've received.


Bargain is a new ability that allows you to sacrifice an artifact, enchantment, or token as an additional cost to cast a spell.

Bargain image

Bargain appears as an optional cost when casting a card on MTG Arena, and you always choose whether to strike a bargain or not. Though the cost is always the same, the effect is not, so be sure to read each effect so you know exactly what you bargained for!


Sure, High King Kenrith is dead, countless others remain trapped in the Wicked Slumber, but the Phyrexians are gone! Surely that's something to celebrate!

Celebrate image

Celebrate is a new ability word that highlights abilities that care if two or more nonland permanents entered the battlefield under your control during the turn. The two nonland permanents don't need to have entered at the same time. It also doesn't matter what happened to the permanents after they entered. They may no longer be on the battlefield, they may be under someone else's control, or they may somehow have turned into lands. As long as they were nonland permanents when they entered, they entered under your control, and there were at least two of them, celebration abilities will be happy.

Advanced Filter Updates

But there's more to celebrate with this release than the arrival of Wilds of Eldraine! With changes to Standard rotation alongside our ever-growing list of supported Magic sets and formats, we felt there was no time like the present to give our Advanced Filters tab a bit of a birthday #glowup to ensure that it's more intuitive and provides better functionality for our players.

When using Advanced Filters while deck building, the Format selection is now much more prominent, and sets are then filtered based on format legality. For example, if you set your deck format to Standard, under Format Legal it will list all the sets that are legal for Standard play.

Conversely, swapping the deck format to Explorer will expand the list of format-legal sets to include all Explorer-legal sets, plus Explorer Anthologies. Alchemy will only show the sets legal in Alchemy, and so on and so forth.

There are a few additional layout and feature improvements we're looking to implement (such as filtering collected/not collected a bit more "top level"), so you can look forward to more tweaks and improvements to support many more years of Magic on MTG Arena.

Changes to Duplicate Protection

Long story short: Starting with Wilds of Eldraine, duplicate protection for rare and mythic rare "reprints" (existing cards reappearing in a newer set) will apply regardless of the artwork; if you have four copies of a card in your collection, any additional versions will be duplicate protected as a reprint.  

Short story longer: Previously, the way we handled duplicate protecting reprinted cards depended on whether we considered it a "full reprint" or not. If you had four copies of a card in your collection that had the same name and the same artwork, it was considered a "full reprint" and would only be opened in packs if you had already collected all other cards of that rarity in that set (same as if the card was banned in Constructed play). However, if the card had different artwork or a showcase treatment, it was treated like any other rare in the set (duplicate protection wouldn't apply until you had collected four copies of that version).

Important Reminders

  • Duplicate protection is not applied when you open 14-card packs in Limited events (Draft, Sealed): you may still see and be able to choose rare or mythic rare cards, even if you already have four copies of it in your collection. This is the same as it's always been.
  • Reprints of cards will still appear in packs, but you should only receive them if you've already collected all other eligible cards of that rarity in the set.

In the many years since we originally implemented our duplicate protection reprint policy, the way players collect cards on MTG Arena and the versions of cards available to collect—bonus sheets, anthologies, showcase treatments, golden packs, etc.—has changed, and we've seen the feedback asking for our duplicate protection policy to change along with it. We agree!

Open the Packs!

Speaking of opening packs …

We might have to do that again. You know, for science. Or something. Okay, this change is straightforward. We like opening packs. Sometimes, we like opening lots of packs at the same time, and when we open a lot of packs, we want to feel it. We want to see all the cards we received. That's it. That's the change. This is just a fun quality-of-life change to make opening packs upon packs both a fun and more informative experience.

Rotation and Renewal

Set rotation schedule

It's almost time! There are big changes coming to Standard rotation, the biggest of which is … no Standard rotation this year!

If this is news to you, then first thing's first: you should check out our Revitalizing Standard article. Next, head over to our Renewal 2023 guide, because while Standard is not rotating this year, Alchemy is! And since Alchemy is rotating, and Standard will still rotate but on a longer three-year cycle, we will continue to help players kick off their collection with exciting Renewal rewards they can earn, including additional Wilds of Eldraine packs, individual card rewards (ICRs), and an awesome Ashiok card sleeve as part of the set mastery—no purchase required!

Ashiok sleeve

To receive Renewal rewards, be sure to log into MTG Arena before the release of Wilds of Eldraine!

Go Wilds

Wilds of Eldraine arrives September 5 on MTG Arena! Be prepared for all the adventure that these stories will bring you. And most importantly, go wild and have fun!