Are you ready to descend into the ancient caves and inner world of Ixalan? Then take these decks to keep you safe! Here are seven 60-card decks themed around the story of The Lost Caverns of Ixalan! Make sure to check out these story decks on MTG Arena starting on November 23 and try out five of the decks in a head-to-head preconstructed event.

Huatli, Poet of Unity borderless card art with a stylized Huatli in bright colors with Chimil behind her
Huatli, Poet of Unity | Art by: Ledania

The Lost Caverns of Ixalan Story Decks Festival Event Details

  • Dates: November 23, 8 a.m.–November 29, 8 a.m. PT (UTC-08:00)
  • Format: Standard preconstructed, play with any of the seven decks and change as often as you like.
  • Entry: 2,500 gold or 500 gems
  • Structure: Play as much as you want until the event ends.
  • Rewards:
Wins Rewards
5 Huatli, Poet of Unity card style
4 Kellan, Daring Traveler card style
3 Bringer of the Last Gift card style
2 Roaming Throne card style
1 Earthshaker Dreadmaw card style
Earthshaker Dreadmaw borderless card style
Earthshaker Dreadmaw
Roaming Throne borderless card style
Roaming Throne
Bringer of the Last Gift borderless card style
Bringer of the Last Gift
Kellan, Daring Traveler borderless card style
Kellan, Daring Traveler
Huatli, Poet of Unity borderless card style
Roar of the Fifth People borderless card style
Huatli, Poet of Unity // Roar of the Fifth People

Festival Event Story Decks

My Love Language Is Dinos

Red mana symbol Green mana symbol

This deck is focused on the new-found connection between Huatli and Saheeli after Saheeli became stranded on the plane after the Phyrexian invasion. Huatli is braving the depths with the help of the dinosaurs of Ixalan and some new metal friends as well courtesy of Saheeli and her filigree. This deck focuses on building mana fast and playing as many Dinosaurs as possible, bashing down the opponent's creatures and winning through pure reptilian power!

2 Huatli, Poet of Unity 2 Thrashing Brontodon 3 Saheeli's Lattice 1 Poetic Ingenuity 2 Trumpeting Carnosaur 3 Dinotomaton 2 Restless Ridgeline 3 Armored Kincaller 4 Belligerent Yearling 4 Triumphant Chomp 4 Ixalli's Lorekeeper 1 Hulking Raptor 2 Burning Sun Cavalry 1 Scytheclaw Raptor 2 Earthshaker Dreadmaw 9 Forest 9 Mountain 2 Itzquinth, Firstborn of Gishath 4 Cavern of Souls

One Sun for a Thousand Moons

Red mana symbol White mana symbol

Huatli's dear cousin and noble warrior Inti has been lost in the carnage wrought by Vito's fanatical crusade, the only solace being the Sun Empire's discovery of their roots beneath the crust of Ixalan. Play with Inti and the warriors of the Oltec, known as the Thousand Moons, in their fight against the newly formed horde of demonic vampires and the fungal plague of the Mycotyrant. This deck focuses on attacking and tapping to make tokens, and growing creatures with +1/+1 counters. Use your forces well to attack for the win or make them stronger than your opponent can hope to match!

3 Market Gnome 3 Abrade 2 Clay-Fired Bricks 2 Thousand Moons Smithy 2 Adaptive Gemguard 3 Tinker's Tote 2 Volatile Wanderglyph 2 Anim Pakal, Thousandth Moon 2 Unstable Glyphbridge 2 Warden of the Inner Sky 2 Thousand Moons Infantry 2 Helping Hand 2 Inti, Seneschal of the Sun 2 Caparocti Sunborn 11 Plains 11 Mountain 2 Hidden Courtyard 1 Threefold Thunderhulk 2 Guardian of the Great Door 2 Spring-Loaded Sawblades

New World, New Friends

White mana symbol Black mana symbol Green mana symbol

Is that Kellan? Yes, it is. The adventuring half-fae has found himself on Ixalan in the center of the rush to find the Core. Join him as he has his own adventure on Ixalan, running from goblins, dealing with vampiric plots, and finding new friends along the way. This deck focuses on using the explore mechanic and interacting with the new Cave lands to buff up your creatures and filter through your deck to find what you need. It's time for your adventure through the caverns of Ixalan!

2 Kellan, Daring Traveler 4 Forest 2 Thousand Moons Crackshot 5 Plains 2 Quicksand Whirlpool 4 Spelunking 2 Hidden Nursery 2 Restless Prairie 2 Poison Dart Frog 3 Twists and Turns 2 Hidden Necropolis 2 Hidden Courtyard 2 Pit of Offerings 2 Get Lost 2 Vanguard of the Rose 2 Glowcap Lantern 1 Swamp 4 Forgotten Monument 4 Miner's Guidewing 4 Bat Colony 2 Kinjalli's Dawnrunner 3 Gargantuan Leech 2 Cosmium Confluence

Bad Shrooms

Black mana symbol Green mana symbol

The Mycotyrant has awoken, and it is ready to feed! Become one with the fungus and begin your takeover of the plane! Full of creeping mushrooms and hungry Goblins, this deck looks to put things in your graveyard, create tokens, build your ever-growing army, and most importantly to feed the Mycotyrant.

2 The Mycotyrant 2 Akawalli, the Seething Tower 2 Squirming Emergence 4 Deathcap Marionette 2 Stinging Cave Crawler 3 Stalactite Stalker 3 Skullcap Snail 2 Fungal Fortitude 2 Hidden Nursery 2 Broodrage Mycoid 2 Synapse Necromage 2 Defossilize 2 Chupacabra Echo 2 Cavern of Souls 3 Hidden Necropolis 11 Swamp 7 Forest 3 Dead Weight 1 Tarrian's Journal 2 Souls of the Lost 1 The Skullspore Nexus

Brazen Buddies

Blue mana symbol Red mana symbol

What does a pirate live for except for a bountiful pile of treasure? Well, for Malcolm and Breeches, the greatest treasure is their lives! Join the dynamic, high-flying, explosive-arming duo as they figure out how to make their way far under the deep blue sea they are used to. Make Treasure and use it to boost your crew! This deck loves to live fast and free, making and spending tokens as it pleases to blast down foes, draw cards, and buff creatures.

2 Malcolm, Alluring Scoundrel 2 Breeches, Eager Pillager 2 Unlucky Drop 2 Brazen Blademaster 2 Enterprising Scallywag 2 Goblin Tomb Raider 2 Subterranean Schooner 2 Hidden Cataract 8 Mountain 1 Sunfire Torch 2 Rumbling Rockslide 2 Chart a Course 1 Captain Storm, Cosmium Raider 2 Waylaying Pirates 2 Pirate Hat 1 Diamond Pick-Axe 3 Cavern of Souls 9 Island 3 Spyglass Siren 4 Staunch Crewmate 1 Brass's Tunnel-Grinder 2 Plundering Pirate 2 Hidden Volcano 1 The Belligerent

Non-Event Story Decks

Does It Belong in a Museum?

Blue mana symbol Red mana symbol White mana symbol

At the request of Saheeli, Quintorius Kand has come to Ixalan, testing out his new Planeswalker spark. Using the knowledge gained at Strixhaven, Quintorius helps the Sun Empire uncover their lost history and, in the process, discovers more about the mysterious Coin Empire lost to time. As he goes, he learns the importance of integrity and who it is that should tell the history of Ixalan. This deck focuses on using the discover mechanic to cast cards for free and build a powerful board of creatures and artifacts that can create interesting combinations and spiral into powerful win conditions.

2 Buried Treasure 2 Curator of Sun's Creation 2 Abuelo, Ancestral Echo 2 Restless Anchorage 2 Oltec Archaeologists 2 Matzalantli, the Great Door 2 Oteclan Landmark 2 Abuelo's Awakening 2 Chart a Course 2 Sage of Days 2 Council of Echoes 2 Confounding Riddle 2 Ancestral Reminiscence 2 Didact Echo 2 Self-Reflection 2 Ancestors' Aid 3 Master's Guide-Mural 1 Quintorius Kand 2 Digsite Conservator 8 Island 6 Mountain 8 Plains

Fall of the Fanatic

White mana symbol Black mana symbol

Vito has returned, and he is on a quest to find his true god. Gone is his love for the saints of the Legion of Dusk. He follows Tarrian's journal to Aclazotz, the ancient bat god sealed away in the Core of Ixalan. Join him on his pilgrimage, through his crusade, and to his ultimate defeat. This deck grows stronger from fallen friends and foes, reveling in different ways to sacrifice tokens and artifacts to make strong plays and find powerful removal!

2 Dusk Rose Reliquary 2 Vito, Fanatic of Aclazotz 2 Glorifier of Suffering 1 Aclazotz, Deepest Betrayal 2 Ruin-Lurker Bat 2 Bat Colony 2 Canonized in Blood 3 Fanatical Offering 2 Acolyte of Aclazotz 2 Tithing Blade 2 Preacher of the Schism 3 Vito's Inquisitor 4 Hidden Necropolis 2 Another Chance 2 Deep-Cavern Bat 2 Tarrian's Journal 1 Bloodthorn Flail 2 Bitter Triumph 4 Hidden Courtyard 7 Plains 11 Swamp