Tinkerer's Cube is a Phantom Draft format. Players will draft three 14-card packs, but cards you pick will not be added to your collection.

Event Details

Dates: April 15–28, 2022

Format: Phantom Draft Best-of-One and Phantom Draft Traditional Best-of-Three

Entry: 4,000 gold or 600 gems

Match Record:

  • Best-of-One: 7 wins or 3 losses (whichever comes first)
  • Traditional Best-of-Three: 3 matches (regardless of win/loss record)


Historic individual card rewards (ICRs) grant cards from pack releases on MTG Arena. They do not include cards that were released outside of packs (e.g., cards from Historic Anthologies). Historic uncommon ICRs have a 5% upgrade rate to rare. Historic rare ICRs may upgrade to a mythic rare; each rare is twice as likely to be awarded as each mythic rare.

7 Wins6,000 gold
2 rare Historic ICRs
1 uncommon Historic ICR
6 Wins5,000 gold
2 rare Historic ICRs
1 Historic uncommon ICR
5 Wins4,000 gold
2 rare Historic ICRs
1 uncommon Historic ICR
4 Wins3,000 gold
1 rare Historic ICR
2 uncommon Historic ICRs
3 Wins2,000 gold
1 rare Historic ICR
2 uncommon Historic ICRs
2 Wins1,000 gold
1 rare Historic ICR
2 uncommon Historic ICRs
1 Win500 gold
1 rare Historic ICR
2 uncommon Historic ICRs
0 Wins1 rare Historic ICR
2 uncommon Historic ICRs


3 Wins6,000 gold
2 rare Historic ICRs
1 uncommon Historic ICR
2 Wins4,000 gold
1 rare Historic ICR
2 uncommon Historic ICRs
1 Win1 rare Historic ICR
2 uncommon Historic ICRs
0 Wins1 rare Historic ICR
2 uncommon Historic ICR

The Future's So Bright

For those players who haven't played the Tinkerer's Cube before, this card list focuses more on card interactions than individual power. Many of these cards fit together in multiple ways, even surprising ways that you didn't expect going in—and the new contributions from Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, from Sagas with multiple types to cards with channel or reconfigure, are very good at pulling this kind of double duty.

Each color pair features multiple mechanical themes in this cube, and cards that can interact with several possible themes (both on- and off-color!) will be especially useful to players trying to make the most out of their picks. Decks will often end up dabbling in several different archetypes, and it can easily be your second or even third theme that provides the key to victory.

Themes emphasized in this Tinkerer's Cube include:


  • Blinking creatures: Coming and going from the battlefield for fun and profit. Here today, gone tomorrow, value forever.
  • Graveyard casting: When one time just isn't enough, give your cards a second lease on life, whether they're flashed back, disturbed, or even jump-started.


  • Discarding: Cards that want you to discard or want to be discarded. Not like you were using them for anything anyway.
  • On-hit effects: Ninjas and their near (or distant) relations who can't wait to get a clean shot at your opponent.


  • Blood and Treasure: Whip up some artifact mana or looting, then crack them to fuel your engine to victory.
  • Sacrifice: Whip up some unsuspecting creatures and fuel your engine even harder.


  • Power matters: Get large and in charge, and run over the opposition.
  • Modified creatures: Not large and in charge yet? Get to training with some counters, Auras, or Equipment!


  • Enchantments: Enchantments of all types, along with the cards that love them. And yes, that includes Shrines.
  • Legendary cards: Undeniably the most stylish supertype. We've got ways to make it work for you beyond just being incredibly cool.


  • Lifegain: Exactly what it says. After all, having more life than your opponent at the end of the game is one of the best ways to win!
  • Balance: Fresh from Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, this theme looks to control both an artifact and an enchantment (or sometimes lots of both) to get the most from some powerful effects.


  • Self-mill: Dump your cards into your graveyard where you can really put them to work.
  • Deathtouch: Fight, bite, and battle to take enemy creatures down no matter their size.


  • Artifact tokens: Get a Clue! Or a Food! There's stuff of all kinds, really! Whether your favorite part is the artifact half or the token half, there's something for you.
  • Proliferating: They wouldn't be called "counters" if they didn't want you to count up as many of them as possible.


  • Spells: Blast off with instants and sorceries. You'll probably also need a couple of actual permanents, but we won't judge. A classic because everyone loves doing it.
  • Card-draw rewards: Speaking of things everyone loves doing, getting paid to draw cards is the ultimate double-dip!


  • Equipment: Gear up with some fancy weaponry! These cards make every creature a major threat.
  • Creature tokens: Goblins, Soldiers, and everything in between. Make a whole army, then sweep your opponent out of the game.

Remember, each deck you draft will likely be mixing and matching several of these themes together. You may even find yourself moving between them on the fly, and there's plenty to do, so who could blame you? The cube is full of interlocking pieces that can be put to a variety of interesting uses, and how you put those pieces to use will be the key! You'll likely find many cards that can do much more than you originally thought, if they're just given the right opportunity.


One final note: The Tinkerer's Cube also includes a learn and lesson package from Strixhaven: School of Mages, allowing players to put even more of their picks to use in each game. The lower raw power level of Tinkerer's Cube leaves room for learn cards to still make the grade, and their versatility plays directly into the modular, interactive gameplay that this cube is all about. And to better flesh out players' lesson plans, the cube contains four copies of the mana-fixing Lesson card, Environmental Sciences. (Of course, since each draft only uses two-thirds of the cards from the entire cube, you'll still need to properly prioritize your studies if you want to make sure you have access!)