Before we get into the new things coming, we wanted to take a minute to thank players and the community for the phenomenal response to the first Sealed Arena Open. There was a ton of excitement that resulted in a huge response from players in-game as well, making this the largest Arena Open ever. We're very happy to see such an enthusiastic response, and you can definitely expect more Sealed Opens in the future. (And yes, we hear the desire out there for a Draft Open.)

– Jay Parker, game director, MTG Arena

With the release of Historic Anthology IV tomorrow, March 11, we're adding more than just cards. There are also new cosmetics, events, bug fixes, and even a cute friend. Let's take a look!

What's New

Historic Anthology IV adds 25 cards to MTG Arena Historic formats. All cards will be ready to play upon release. You can use Wildcards to unlock them individually or purchase the bundle via the in-game store. Learn more about the Historic Anthology IV and view the full card list here. New card cosmetics and bundles will also be available.


Oh, and did we mention a new friend? The Amon-cat pet will be available this Thursday in the in-game store. How cute! The Puppet Jace pet will also be leaving the in-game store before you know it, so grab him before he disappears.

General Updates and Fixes

Various quality-of-life updates and bug fixes, particularly around matchmaking, have been addressed.

  • Use the search term "o:energy" to find any card with an energy symbol in the deck builder.


  • When matchmaking, the Cancel button is now hidden when a match is found and will reappear if the match fails to start.
  • Several improvements have been made around connecting to matches and handling disconnections.
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent targeting an opponent caused by either player reconnecting mid-match.
  • Additional improvements have been made to stack animations.
  • Targeting of enchanted and Rune-enchanted equipment has been improved on mobile.
  • Lands with multiple Glittering Frost enchantments now have consecutive mana wheels.
  • Fixed several translation issues, most notably Japanese.

You can view the full list of updates and bug fixes on our official forum. If you encounter a bug, please submit it to our MTG Arena feedback hub.

Upcoming MTG Arena Events

Historic Shakeup starts this Friday, March 12. To promote creativity, we will be changing the banned list each week, which should make for some surprising off-meta decks. This is a free event that will run throughout the end of March. Check out the details here.

In addition, we have a bunch of events coming in the next few weeks, so get your decks ready.

Premier Drafts

  • March 12–26: War of the Spark
  • March 26–April 2: Core Sets

Quick Draft Schedule

  • March 12–April 2: Kaldheim

FNM at Home Schedule

  • March 12: Historic
  • March 19: Standard Shakeup
  • March 26: Pauper

Additional Events

  • March 12–April 2: Historic Shakeup
  • March 13–March 16: Festival – Historic Artisan
  • March 20–March 23: Festival – On the Edge
  • March 27–April 1: Festival – Historic Brawl

That's all we have for now. Keep an eye on our forums and @MTG_Arena on Twitter for news and other updates!