Kaldheim Update Bulletin

Posted in News on February 2, 2021

By Matt Tabak

Senior editor. Game designer. Writer. Bon vivant. Matt wears many hats inside Magic R&D, but they're hard to see as he's so tall.

I know everyone's busy pulling off heroic deeds and bragging about them, but if I could have your attention for a brief moment, I have rules and Oracle updates to announce. I also have a new rules manager to announce. Adoring masses, this is Jess Dunks. Jess, the adoring masses. Jess has accepted the position of Magic rules manager, effective a few weeks ago. He'll be providing these updates in the future. Please welcome and congratulate him!

Kaldheim had a bunch of interesting cards, many of which required support in the Comprehensive Rules. We also made some tweaks to the Oracle text of existing cards. This article gives you a sneak preview of sorts. Once they're live, you can check them out on the rules page and Gatherer. Onward!

Comprehensive Rules Changes
Oracle Changes

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