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Today, we aired the Zendikar Rising and 2020 Announcement Day stream. Did you:

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Zendikar Rising

Zendikar is a world of adventure, and Zendikar Rising returns to the world's roots as we invite you to gather your party, kick off a search for treasure, and make landfall on one of the wildest worlds ever to grace the multiverse.

Zendikar is home to Nahiri, and after the events on Innistrad and Ravnica, she has returned to her home plane with a plan in mind. Close behind her is Jace. Nissa has also returned home, but for reasons of her own.

Nahiri RegularFull-Art Nahiri

Jace RegularFull-Art Jace

Nissa of Shadowed Boughs | Art by: Yongjae Choi

Along the way, they'll encounter strange new sights—but also much that's familiar to them, and to fans of Zendikar as well!

Kicker is returning, as Jace shows above, and as you can also see here with Bloodchief's Thirst:

Bloodchief's ThirstBloodchief's Thirst Promo

Landfall is also making its return, with two very familiar faces. Landfall cards also get the showcase treatment for Zendikar Rising, so watch for these hedronized versions of landfall cards:

Lotus CobraLotus Cobra Alt

Omnath, Locus of CreationOmnath, Locus of Creation Alt

Though this may feel familiar, Zendikar is still a very dangerous place to travel alone. You'll need—your party!

Shepherd of HeroesAcquisitions ExpertTazri Beacon of Unity

Linvala Shield of Sea GateSpoils of Adventure

Alt Linvala Shield of Sea GateAlt Tazri Beacon of Unity

Also found on Zendikar is a new twist on double-faced cards we're calling modal DFCs. Today, we showed off one version with a spell on one side and land on the other, plus the super cool dual lands that make the mana you want based on which side you play them as.

Valakut Awakening
Valakut Stoneforge
Branchloft Pathway
Boulderloft Pathway
Brightclimb Pathway
Grimclimb Pathway
Clearwater Pathway
Murkwater Pathway
Cragcrown Pathway
Timbercrown Pathway
Needleverge Pathway
Pillarverge Pathway
Riverglide Pathway
Lavaglide Pathway

Speaking of lands, it wouldn't be a return to Zendikar without two fan-favorite takes on lands—full-art basics and Expeditions!

First, the basics:

Full-art PlainsFull-art Plains 2Full-art Plains 3

Full-art IslandFull-art Island 2Full-art Island 3

Full-art SwampFull-art Swamp 2Full-art Swamp 3

Full-art MountainFull-art Mountain 2Full-art Mountain 3

Full-art ForestFull-art Forest 2Full-art Forest 3

Next up, we revealed some of the Expeditions that can be found in both Collector Boosters and as Box Toppers (don't forget—Zendikar Rising is print-to-demand!). And this wasn't even the only time we talked about fetch lands in this announcement! We'll get to that later—in the meantime:

Windswept HeathFlooded StrandPolluted Delta

Bloodstained MireWooded FoothillsMarsh Flats

Scalding TarnVerdant CatacombsArid Mesa

Misty RainforestMorphic Pool

Prismatic VistaWastelands

We also talked some more about Set Boosters. Here's the gist of it, but stay tuned for Good Morning Magic tomorrow morning, when Gavin Verhey will open a Set Booster and show off the contents.

  • Set Boosters
  • You'll always get an Art card. 5% to upgrade to one with gold-stamped signature of the artist.
  • A full-art basic land! 15% chance of being foil.
  • A mix of commons and uncommons. The cards within each rarity connect to one another and show off themes, mechanics, and creative elements within the set!
  • A common/uncommon showcase or modal DFC.
  • A guaranteed foil and guaranteed rare or mythic rare.
  • Wildcard slots that have the ability to be anything from commons to mythic rares!
  • 1 in 4 Set Boosters will also contain a card from The List. The List is a curated list of 300 cards from Magic's history chosen to show off the cool and weird history of Magic. Think Slivers and weird mechanics and cool things we've done in Magic's history, all in a brand-new booster pack! Here are three cards that appear in The List:

Food ChainSimian Spirit GuideSlimefoot, the Stowaway

You've completed your first adventure! But there's more to be discovered. Do you:

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Read on to learn more about many of the products coming up in 2021!

Coming Soon

You thought 2020 was a big year for Magic? You haven't seen anything yet.

Coming in Q1 of 2021, we're heading to Kaldheim, Magic's take on what a world inspired by Vikings might look like.

Kaldheim logo

Next up is Strixhaven, the most elite University in the multiverse!

Strixhaven logo

Then, in the most exciting mix since peanut butter and jelly—Adventures in the Forgotten Realms is the first Dungeons & Dragons-themed Magic set. Releasing in place of what would be a Core Set, Adventures in the Forgotten Realms is going to excite fans of both Magic and Dungeons & Dragons!

Adventures in the Forgotten Realms logo

After that, we're going back to a plane so nice we're going to revisit it twice—Innistrad! The first set will feature Werewolves, and the second will focus on Vampires. While both are slated for the latter part of 2021, there are still four Standard sets per rotation-year, we just shifted the timing around slightly.

There are more details to come, but definitely start working on your Sorin cosplays now. 

Those are just the sets releasing straight to Standard—but there's more for fans of Commander, Modern, and more!

First up, Time Spiral Remastered is coming in 2021. This new way to experience Time Spiral will feature fan favorites from the beloved set as well as cards printed with the old border, for all of us long-time fans out there. Here are some examples:

Old bordered cards

Then, we'll be suiting up for Modern Horizons 2 and, as alluded to before, this print-to-demand set will feature all five enemy fetch lands! In Draft Boosters. At rare.  Plus, ya know, a ton of other cool stuff.

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Secret Lair and Shoes

Right now, you can pick up a pair of limited-edition K-Swiss Jace sneakers. Yup, Jace sneakers. You can find them right here:

Secret Lair is continuing its fun trek through Magic, starting with Yargle Day on September 3, with new cards featuring the one-and-only Yargle!

Swords to PlowsharesOptFatal Push

Anger of the GodsExplore

Last—and most certainly not least—The Walking Dead is coming to Secret Lair! Soon, we'll be releasing a Walking Dead-inspired Secret Lair that you can only get from! You can get a taste of what's to come, well, right here!

Bicycle girl/Zombie token

Happy Announcement Day!

That's it! Our quick adventure through everything we announced is done! But if for some reason you still want more, check out the announcement video, featuring Jimmy Wong, Becca Scott, and a host of folks from Wizards of the Coast!