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Lost in the Shuffle: Dues and Riches

Credit Where Due (originally printed in Duelist #24, April 1998) Let me ask you a few questions. Who designed Monopoly? Who designed Trivial Pursuit? Now, ask yourself who wrote The Shining? Who directed Star Wars? Who wrote Moby Dick? Some readers of...

All for One and One for All

You've probably heard the name Richard Garfield.He's most famous, of course, as the creator of Magic: The Gathering (and thus modern trading card games in general, as confirmed by the Guinness Book of World Records). And you may have heard his name mor...

Lost in the Shuffle: Luck and Games

You Really Can't Win Them All (originally printed in Duelist #19, October 1997)Determining if a game is more luck than skill is an exercise game critics and players often engage in. This is even more important in law: there are many places where you can...
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