The artisans of Kamigawa chose to commemorate the Era of Enlightenment by weaving a wall tapestry of embroidered silk.

Era of Enlightenment
Era of Enlightenment | Art by: AMAYAGIDO

With the guidance and wisdom of Kyodai, the Imperials ushered in an age of collective peace and prosperity. The arts flourished until performers lined every street, and strides were made to improve relations with the kami so mortals could live a harmonious life filled with magic. Minamo Academy was rebuilt with the promise of transparency to conduct research that would improve lives. New laws were written to ensure fair treatment of every citizen—mortal or spirit—renewing the faith in their leaders.

As decades and centuries passed, the mortals of Kamigawa noticed an increasing number of kami inhabitants sharing their homes. A few of these kami were friendly, but many more were upset, even dangerous. Having spent their lives in service to the kami, the monks of the Order of Jukai went to investigate. They discovered strange rifts in the atmosphere that ejected confused kami onto the plane. The mortal and spirit realms had begun to overlap, and they would eventually merge into a single unified realm.

The Jukai brought this discovery to Eiganjo and Otawara, and they collaborated with the Imperials and Minamo to develop what would later be known as "merge gates." The Minamo scholars used their knowledge to invent the gate mechanisms. The Imperials used their infantry to erect them. But it was the Jukai who would greet the kami and welcome them to their new home. Through their combined effort, the mortals built gates around every new rift, ensuring the kami could safely become part of a new unified Kamigawa.

The three figures in the tapestry represent the three groups of mortals who came together to develop the merge gates. They are centered around a historical, abstract interpretation of a rift in the sky, waiting to welcome their next kami visitor. The monk, symbolic of the Order of Jukai, raises his hand to usher in this age of magical prosperity.