Today’s deck combines small creatures and fast mana to overwhelm your opponent. Elves is a strategy that has been around for years in all formats. Legacy, Standard, and even Extended (a now-retired format) have seen their fair share of Elf decks at all levels of play—from casual Magic up to the Pro Tour.

The main combo in the deck uses Heritage Druid and a pair of Nettle Sentinels. Tap the Sentinels and another Elf to add three mana, cast an Elf, untap your Sentinels, rinse and repeat. This combo is capable of generating a large amount of mana that you can use for pretty much anything. Some Elf decks use the mana for Craterhoof Behemoth. This deck uses mana to activate Ezuri, Renegade Leader multiple times, turning your Elves into giant trampling threats. If that plan fails, you also have Mirror Entity to make your creatures very large.

What if you don’t draw your main mana engine in Heritage Druid? You will likely still have lots of Elves in play, which makes Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx tap for a large amount of mana. It definitely can’t give you as much mana as a Heritage Druid can, but it’s still a reasonable backup plan.

What this deck has going for it is consistency. It’s great at finding the right creatures at the right times. Chord of Calling is your main way of searching up any creature in your deck at a very reasonable cost. If you fail to draw that, you also have the new Dragons of Tarkir card Collected Company to search the top six cards of your deck. No matter which method you use, it’s pretty easy to assemble the pieces you need to win the game.

Brandt Johnson’s Green-White Elves

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