The release of Innistrad: Crimson Vow on November 19 brings with it another update to The List! Like its partner set, Innistrad: Midnight Hunt, this one brings 75 newly added cards from across Magic's long history. This is in addition to the set's cool new cards—check out these articles for all the details:

Cards from The List can be found in Set Boosters, appearing about 25% of the time in the final card slot, and are cards that fit well with the set's narrative and mechanical themes. All rarities are represented, from common all the way up to mythic rare. A card that is on The List does not make it legal in Standard, though; these cards are legal in whatever formats they are already legal in.

Here's a look back at past versions of The List.

Below you'll find lists of the cards that have been added to The List, as well as those that are dropping off to make room for the new additions. Finally, you'll also find a complete list of all the cards currently on The List.

(Note: Card images that appear may not match the version found on The List. See the set identifier in the righthand column for the version included in The List.)

All cards in The List

Card NameSet
Abrupt DecayGK1
Angel of SerenityC15
Blood MoonA25
Cavalier of NightM20
Champion of the ParishDDQ
Coveted JewelC18
Day's UndoingORI
Exquisite BloodM21
Gisa and GeralfEMN
Lonis, CryptozoologistMH2
Master of the Wild HuntA25
Midnight ClockELD
Mikaeus, the UnhallowedUMA
Pir's WhimBBD
Profaner of the DeadDTK
Sanguine SacramentXLN
Selfless SpiritEMN
Sidisi, Undead VizierDTK
Speaker of the HeavensM21
Tempest DjinnDAR
Thalia's LieutenantSOI
Transmogrifying WandM19
Traverse the OutlandsC17
Twilight ProphetRIX
Vampiric TutorEMA
Witch of the MoorsM21
Academy EliteCNS
Air ElementalP02
All Suns' Dawn5DN
Always WatchingSOI
Ancient DenMRD
Ancient TombTMP
Animate DeadEMA
Arcades, the StrategistM19
Arcane TeachingsJUD
Arcbound OverseerDST
Archetype of AggressionBNG
Archive TrapZEN
Arlinn, Voice of the PackWAR
Assassin's BladePOR
Assault FormationIMA
Aura ShardsINV
Bad MoonDDD
Balefire DragonISD
Balefire LiegeEVE
Baral, Chief of ComplianceTSR
Belligerent BrontodonXLN
Benediction of MoonsGPT
Biomass MutationGTC
Birthing BoughsMH1
Blackblade ReforgedSS2
Bleak Coven VampiresSOM
Blood ClockSOK
Blood CryptDIS
Blood PetTMP
Blood RitesC13
Bloodchief AscensionZEN
Bloodied GhostEVE
Boiling BloodWTH
Brinelin, the Moon KrakenCMR
Call of the NightwingGTC
Captivating VampireM11
Cavern of SoulsAVR
Celestial AncientDIS
Ceremonial GuardMMQ
Chandra NalaarM11
Chatter of the SquirrelODY
Cloister GargoyleAFR
Cloud KeyFUT
Cold StorageTMP
Commencement of FestivitiesKLD
Cranial PlatingTSR
Crested SunmareHOU
Crimson MuckwaderM13
Cruel CelebrantWAR
Cult of the Waxing MoonSOI
Dark DepthsCSP
Daxos the ReturnedC15
Deathcoil WurmP02
Deathless KnightELD
Deeproot ChampionXLN
Demonic TutorUMA
Desolation AngelAPC
Dire Wolf ProwlerAFR
Divining WitchNEM
Doubling Cube10E
Dragonlord DromokaDTK
Dryad MilitantRTR Promo
Dual CastingAVR
Dungeon ShadeSTH
Early HarvestMIR
Eiganjo CastleCHK
Elenda, the Dusk RoseRIX
Elspeth Conquers DeathTHB
Emissary of SunriseXLN
Entreat the DeadC18
Erratic PortalEXO
Expedition Map2XM
Expose to DaylightRNA
Exuberant WolfbearIKO
Fact or FictionMH1
Faithless LootingDDK
Fiendslayer PaladinM14
Fierce WitchstalkerELD
Filigree AngelARB
Firemane AngelRAV
Flesh // BloodDGM
Fool's TomeTMP
Frost TitanM11
Gaea's WillMH2
Gate to the AfterlifeAKH
Gauntlet of PowerTSP
Gemstone CavernsTSP
General Kudro of DrannithIKO
Geralf's MessengerDKA
Ghitu ChroniclerDAR
Gisela, Blade of GoldnightAVR
Goblin AssassinLGN
Golem's HeartSOM
Grand Arbiter Augustin IVMMA
Graveborn Muse10E
Gravespawn SovereignONS
Great Teacher's DecreeIMA
Grenzo, Dungeon WardenA25
Grimoire of the DeadISD
Grind // DustHOU
Gutter GrimeISD
Guttural ResponseDDS
Guul Draz AssassinROE
Hard EvidenceMH2
Haunted Plate MailM14
Heartwood StorytellerFUT
Hellkite OverlordALA
Herald's HornC17
Hermit DruidSTH
Hokori, Dust DrinkerBOK
Honden of Infinite RageEMA
Howling MineM10
Ib Halfheart, Goblin TacticianTSP
Invisible StalkerISD
Jet MedallionTMP
Joraga TreespeakerROE
Juniper Order RangerCSP
Juntu StakesINV
Karador, Ghost ChieftainCMD
Karametra, God of HarvestsBNG
Kaya, Ghost HaunterMB1
Kindred DiscoveryC17
Knowledge PoolMBS
Korvold, Fae-Cursed KingELD
Late to DinnerMH2
Lesser GargadonPCY
Lich Lord of UnxARB
Light of DayTMP
Lightning AxeTSP
Lightning BoltA25
Llawan, Cephalid EmpressTOR
Loyal ApprenticeC18
Lunar Avenger5DN
Magus of the MoonFUT
Master of CrueltiesDGM
Mercurial ChemisterRTR
Mistmeadow WitchSHM
Mizzix of the IzmagnusC15
Moldervine ReclamationM20
Mongrel PackTMP
Morophon, the BoundlessMH1
MortifyMPR Promo
Murkfiend LiegeEVE
Nephalia AcademyEMN
Night // DayAPC
Niv-Mizzet RebornWAR
Noxious GhoulLGN
Noxious RevivalNPH
Nuisance EngineHOP
Nut CollectorODY
Obsessive StitcherM21
Odric, Master TacticianM13
Olivia, Mobilized for WarSOI
Orcish LumberjackDDL
Orzhova, the Church of DealsGPT
Painful LessonBBD
Panglacial WurmCSP
Patron of the MoonBOK
Perpetual TimepieceKLD
Petrified FieldODY
Phenax, God of DeceptionBNG
Primeval BountyM14
Puresteel AngelMB1
Pursuit of KnowledgeSTH
Quest for the Holy RelicZEN
Raven FamiliarC13
Reduce to MemorySTX
Release the DogsM21 (JMP)
Rend FleshCHK
Riptide DirectorLGN
Rishadan BrigandMMQ
Runed StalactiteLRW
Sacred RitesODY
Sapphire MedallionTMP
Scroll of the MastersFRF
Scrying SheetsCSP
Second SunriseMRD
Sedris, the Traitor KingALA
Seething SongDDG
Selesnya KeyruneRTR
Serene SunsetJUD
Shinka, the Bloodsoaked KeepCHK
Shivan GorgeUSG
Shivan HarvestINV
Sign in BloodMPR Promo
Signpost ScarecrowELD
Silumgar SorcererDTK
Skullbriar, the Walking GraveCMD
Skymarcher AspirantRIX
Sleeping PotionPLS
Snapcaster MageISD
Sneak AttackUSG
Song of FreyaliseDAR
Sorcerer's WandDAR
Sorin MarkovM12
Sorin's VengeanceM12
Soulcatchers' AerieJUD
Spell SwindleXLN
Spellbound DragonARB
Staff of Domination5DN
Starnheim AspirantKHM
Stasis SnarePBFZ
Stigma LasherEVE
Stitcher's SupplierM19
Stone GiantDDI
Stonehewer Giant2XM
Stonybrook SchoolmasterMOR
Storm EntityFUT
Strangleroot GeistDCI
Strength of NightAPC
Student of WarfareROE
Sun TitanE01
Teferi, Hero of DominariaDAR
Thieves' AuctionMMQ
Time of IceDAR
Tireless TrackerSOI
Toils of Night and DayBOK
Trade RoutesMMQ
Training DroneMBS
Treacherous WerewolfJUD
Treasure TroveEXO
Twinblade PaladinM20
Umbral MantleSHM
Unbound FlourishingMH1
Undead SlayerM10
Unexpected ResultsGTC
Unholy GrottoONS
Unwinding ClockNPH
Urborg, Tomb of YawgmothUMA
Vampiric FeastPOR
Vedalken Orrery5DN
Veil of SummerM20
Vela the Night-CladPC2
Venerated TeacherROE
Vernal EquinoxMMQ
Vow of LightningCMR
Walking ArchiveDIS
Wall of BloodMRD
Warriors' LessonTHS
Wheel of Sun and MoonSHM
Windborn MuseCMD
Witch HuntC13
Witch-Maw NephilimGPT
Witches' EyeTHS
Witch's OvenELD
Wolfir SilverheartAVR
Wooden StakeISD
Yisan, the Wanderer BardM15
Yore-Tiller NephilimGPT
Young PyromancerM14