Historic Banned List Update

Time Warp will be banned in Historic effective June 10. After updating to the latest client, players will receive a mythic rare wildcard for each copy of Time Warp they have in their collection.

Since the Mystical Archive Styles: Blue bundle of Japanese alternate art card styles contains the card style for Time Warp, the bundle will be removed from the Store while we update it. The bundle will return to the Store on June 17 at the reduced price of 2,100 gems or 10,500 gold, which excludes the cost of the Time Warp card style—you will still receive the Time Warp Japanese card style if you purchase the bundle, however.

Get a Witherbloom Card Sleeve Now!

Witherbloom are the champions of the College Cup, and we've been feting the victors in MTG Arena over the past week.

But celebrations are winding down, so log in to get the free Witherbloom card sleeve before it's gone!

Witherbloom card sleeve gift

Thanks for playing in the College Cup and making it such a fun event!

Jumpstart Is Back on MTG Arena

You loved Jumpstart last year, so we brought it back! Play now through July 8 with the same themed 20-card packets and the same card swaps made for the previous MTG Arena release.

Jumpstart mashes together themes from throughout the history of Magic and lets you skip the deck-building part. You pick one packet from a set of three themed 20-card packets, and then pick a second packet from a different set of three. Your two chosen packets are shuffled together to create a 40-card deck you can start playing with right away.

Cards in each packet you select become part of your collection. Plus, each packet contains a basic land card with art that is exclusive to Jumpstart—you can only get these in Jumpstart!

Check out the full Jumpstart details and decklists on MTG Arena for more.

Dates: June 4–July 8, 2021

Entry: 2,000 gold or 400 gems

Rewards: One Jumpstart rare or mythic rare individual card reward for each of your first two wins.

Event Record: Play as much as you like! Resign when you want.

Want to change up your deck? After resigning, you may pay the entry and select different packets to play again!

Historic Challenge This Weekend

Get your Historic decks tuned up, because the high-stakes Historic Challenge is back this weekend, June 12–15! The event has been restructured to display better in the game client.

You'll be able to win packs from these Historic sets:

  • Amonkhet Remastered
  • Kaladesh Remastered
  • Core Set 2019

Find all the updated details on the Historic Challenge event page.

Arena Cube Draft Continues Until June 18

Arena Cube Draft in happening right now, and this updated cube list features cards from the Strixhaven: School of Mages Mystical Archive—the first time in MTG Arena!

Open and pass around packs like typical Draft, only the card pool isn't bound to a single Magic set but are drawn from some of the best cards available in MTG Arena. This is a phantom event, so cards you draft are not added to your collection, but the rewards you can win aren't!

Get Historic Anthology 5 Now

Now available in the MTG Arena Store, Historic Anthology 5 adds 25 new-to-Historic cards to MTG Arena that expand the gameplay options in the format.

Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite card imageDromoka’s Command card image

Get four copies of each of the 25 cards in Historic Anthology 5 for 25,000 gold or 4,000 gems. Plus, you'll find depth art card styles for all your new Historic Anthology 5 cards in assorted bundles for sale in the Store, too.

Upcoming Events

FNM at Home

  • June 11: Historic All Access
  • June 18: 100-card Historic Brawl
  • June 25: No Limits
  • July 2: Historic Artisan

Quick Draft

  • May 28–June 11: Strixhaven
  • June 11–25: Theros Beyond Death

Other Events

June Ranked Season

The June 2021 Ranked Season ends on June 30, 12 p.m. PT (1900 UTC).