Recent Server Issues

Unfortunately, MTG Arena experienced server issues on Saturday, May 8. We apologize for the impact it had on people's attempts to play. In response to this issue, we've made the code "ExperimentalOverload" valid through July 6 for receiving 2,000 XP. Enter the code on your Wizards Account page or on a PC or Mac in the Store tab.

Additionally, all players who were competing in Day 1 of the Arena Open and could not complete their course have had their entry cost returned to their account (either 22,500 gold or 4,500 gems).

If this doesn't describe your situation but you believe it warrants reimbursement, contact Customer Service for us to assist you.

College Cup Exam Cram—Don't Forget Your Supplies!

The College Cup begins May 13 and continues through May 31. Do you have all your school supplies ready? You get extra credit by earning bonus points for your college team when you show off your college spirit by having these when you participate:

  • College sleeves: Take that Strixhaven quiz to get the email containing your sleeve code, then redeem it in your Wizards Account or through the Store on PC or Mac.
  • College avatar: Each college's avatar is available in the second position in the Strixhaven Mastery web.
  • College pet: Each college has a tome pet available within the first ten levels of the Strixhaven Mastery Pass rewards levels.

There are three events, each testing skills every effective mage must have, and each offering rewards in the form of Japanese Mystical Archive card styles!

Practice makes perfect, so play as many games as you want.

Entry: 2,500 gold or 500 gems

May 13–18: Test of Knowledge

Format: Singleton with Archmage Emeritus emblem

May 20–25: Test of Wit

Format: 100-Card Standard with Treasure Token Factory emblem

May 27–31: Test of Leadership

Format: Strixhaven Brawl—Standard Brawl, but only Strixhaven legendary creatures and planeswalkers are legal (and can be your commander)

You can find all the details on earning points in the College Cup in David McDarby's article.

When the College Cup has concluded and the point totals have been tallied, the winning college will change the face of MTG Arena itself! For one week following the College Cup event, MTG Arena will celebrate the winning college with a makeover.

For example, if Prismari wins, you might see this:

College Theme

Plus, log in during this week and get a special card sleeve featuring the winning college's emblem!

Winning Sleeves

Strixhaven Draft Challenge

MTG Arena's expansion into high-level Limited play continues with the Strixhaven Draft Challenge.

Dates: May 22–25

Format: Player Draft, Best-of-Three matches

Entry: 20,000 Gold or 3,000 Gems

Length: Play until six match wins or two match losses

Rewards: Based on player feedback from the last Draft Challenge, we're shifting rewards by adding Player Draft Tokens and slightly reducing the number of packs. Note that Player Draft Tokens cannot be used to join this event but can be used for any Premier Draft or Traditional Draft.

0 winsNo reward
1 win1 Player Draft Token
2 wins1 Player Draft Token + 3 Strixhaven Packs
3 wins2 Player Draft Tokens + 6 Strixhaven Packs
4 wins3 Player Draft Tokens + 10 Strixhaven Packs
5 wins3 Player Draft Tokens + 15 Strixhaven Packs
6 wins4 Player Draft Tokens + 20 Strixhaven Packs

Historic Anthology 5 on Sale May 27

Historic Anthology 5 goes on sale May 27, introducing new cards to Historic and adding new dimensions to game strategies. Players will also be able to craft these cards using Wildcards of the appropriate rarity after this date.

Bundles may be purchased for 25,000 Gold or 4,000 gems. Depth art card styles of all 25 cards will be available in assorted bundles in the store also on May 27.

Historic Anthology 5 cards are legal in the Historic format upon release.

Previews began on May 6—take a look at where you'll find more cards in Historic Anthology 5 all this week:

We'll share the complete card list for Historic Anthology 5 through an article here at DailyMTG on Monday, May 17.

Summer Is Coming

Wizards Summer of Legend is bursting with amazing stuff for gamers. Check out some of what's in store for MTG Arena players:

  • Beginning June 4: Jumpstart returns! Taking the best parts of Limited and Constructed Magic, Jumpstart fuses them into a dynamic, innovative play experience.
  • Early July: Mirror, Mirror comes to MTG Arena for a limited time, featuring rebalanced versions of some of Historic's iconic banned cards. More details to come, so stay tuned!
  • July 31–August 1: Standard Arena Open

Upcoming Events

FNM at Home

  • May 14: Challenger Decks
  • May 21: Artisan
  • May 28: Omniscience

Quick Draft

  • April 30–May 14: Strixhaven: School of Mages
  • May 14–28: Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths
  • May 28–June 10: Strixhaven

Other Events

  • May 8–14: Historic Brawl Fest
  • May 13–18: College Cup: Test of Knowledge
  • May 15–16: Qualifier Weekend, Standard (open to qualified players only)
  • May 20–25: College Cup: Test of Wit
  • May 27–June 1: College Cup: Test of Leadership
  • May 27: Historic Anthology 5 on sale

May Ranked Season

The May 2021 Ranked Season runs until May 31, 12 p.m. PT (1900 UTC)