There's been a murder! Are you ready to join Alquist Proft and the rest of the Agency detectives as they try and solve these nefarious crimes? Then join the Murders at Karlov Manor Story Deck event happening February 27 until March 5 and win card styles for your collection!

Novice Inspector card art by Fajareka Setiawan

Festival: Murder at Karlov Manor Story Decks Event Details

  • Dates: February 27, 8 a.m. – March 5, 8 a.m. PT (UTC-08:00) 
  • Format: Standard preconstructed. Play with any of the five decks and change as often as you like. 
  • Entry: 2,500 gold or 500 gems 
  • Structure: Play as much as you want until the event ends. 
  • Rewards
Call a Surprise Witness showcase magnified card style
Call a Surprise Witness
Demand Answers showcase magnified card style
Demand Answers
It Doesn't Add Up showcase magnified card style
It Doesn't Add Up
Teysa, Opulent Oligarch showcase dossier card style
Teysa, Opulent Oligarch
Etrata, Deadly Fugitive showcase dossier card style
Etrata, Deadly Fugitive
Trostani, Three Whispers showcase dossier card style
Trostani, Three Whispers
Wins Rewards
5 Trostani, Three Whispers showcase dossier card style
4 Etrata, Deadly Fugitive showcase dossier card style
3 Teysa, Opulent Oligarch showcase dossier card style
2 It Doesn't Add Up showcase magnified card style
1 Demand Answers showcase magnified card style
0 Call a Surprise Witness showcase magnified card style

Can't wait for the event? Then grab your magnifying glass and deerstalker cap, because Prerelease events at your local game store start February 2. You can also preorder Murders at Karlov Manor now on MTG Arena to be the first on the scene for release on February 6.

Until then, use these decks to fill your files and find your suspects!

Festival Event Story Decks

Crimes Scenes & Seances

White mana symbol Black mana symbol
(Orzhov Syndicate)

Kaya is on a quest for the truth! Teysa has been murdered, and the killer is on the loose! This deck focuses on building up a force of Spirits with Kaya, Spirits' Justice and Teysa, Opulent Oligarch and then making sure that they get through with Delney, Streetwise Lookout. Use the power of the dead to help you find Clues and apprehend criminals.

Kaya, Spirits' Justice
Teysa, Opulent Oligarch
Delney, Streetwise Lookout
3 Teysa, Opulent Oligarch 9 Swamp 11 Plains 2 Kaya, Spirits' Justice 4 Shadowy Backstreet 2 Call a Surprise Witness 2 Murder 2 Delney, Streetwise Lookout 2 Makeshift Binding 3 Marketwatch Phantom 2 Leering Onlooker 2 On the Job 2 Sanguine Savior 3 Neighborhood Guardian 3 Snarling Gorehound 3 Wispdrinker Vampire 3 Novice Inspector 2 Assemble the Players

Minored in Criminology

Green mana symbol White mana symbol Blue mana symbol

Kellan has found his way onto yet another plane and has begun to learn the ways of the detective! Join him on his journey to solve the crimes of Ravnica under the wing of Ezrim, the archon who built the Agency. This deck is built on playing lands and building up a horde of Clues to keep your hand full and your Detectives safe. Hold off until you have all the facts and can play Ezrim, Agency Chief and other powerful Detectives to take down your opponent!

Kellan, Inquisitive Prodigy
Ezrim, Agency Chief
Magnifying Glass
2 Ezrim, Agency Chief 4 Plains 6 Island 2 Kellan, Inquisitive Prodigy 4 Hedge Maze 4 Lush Portico 4 Meticulous Archive 2 Escape Tunnel 2 Thinking Cap 2 Magnifying Glass 2 Steamcore Scholar 2 Fae Flight 3 Private Eye 3 Novice Inspector 2 Perimeter Enforcer 1 Agency Outfitter 1 Forest 2 Sharp-Eyed Rookie 2 Buried in the Garden 2 Evidence Examiner 2 Projektor Inspector 2 Mistway Spy 2 Bite Down on Crime 2 Exit Specialist

Sideline Schemes

Black mana symbol Red mana symbol
(Cult of Rakdos)

Judith is back to her antics, including sending investigators down rabbit holes and trapping snoopy detectives. Sideline Schemes is a deck built around using damaging instant and sorcery spells in conjunction with creatures to remove opposing threats while buffing up your own. Judith, Carnage Connoisseur uses the ability to create powerful tokens or grant deathtouch and lifelink to remove powerful creatures for low cost.

Judith, Carnage Connoisseur
Case of the Stashed Skeleton
4 Raucous Theater 10 Swamp 2 Innocent Bystander 10 Mountain 4 Judith, Carnage Connoisseur 1 Case of the Stashed Skeleton 2 Shock 2 Barbed Servitor 2 Unscrupulous Agent 2 Leering Onlooker 3 Clandestine Meddler 2 Torch the Witness 2 Blood Spatter Analysis 3 Demand Answers 2 Person of Interest 2 Rune-Brand Juggler 2 Long Goodbye 3 Deadly Complication 2 It Doesn't Add Up

It's Elementary

White mana symbol Blue mana symbol Black mana symbol

Alquist Proft has a new case to solve, and Etrata has a name to clear. Together the dynamic duo makes for a match of wit and wile that leads to nothing but the truth! This deck is built on utilizing the support of Clues with cards like Alquist Proft, Master Sleuth to build up powerful game-ending Assassins like Etrata, Deadly Fugitive and Massacre Girl, Known Killer. Win the game by turning over your opponent's cards into your own creatures and making them even more dangerous by giving your whole board wither!

Alquist Proft, Master Sleuth
Etrata, Deadly Fugitive
Massacre Girl, Known Killer
3 Alquist Proft, Master Sleuth 1 Plains 8 Island 3 Etrata, Deadly Fugitive 6 Swamp 2 Massacre Girl, Known Killer 2 Slice from the Shadows 2 Coerced to Kill 4 Undercity Sewers 2 Shadowy Backstreet 2 Meticulous Archive 2 Mistway Spy 2 Faerie Snoop 2 Exit Specialist 2 Alley Assailant 2 Cold Case Cracker 2 Not on My Watch 2 Deduce 2 Escape Tunnel 2 Jaded Analyst 2 Proft's Eidetic Memory 2 Cryptic Coat 1 Lazav, Wearer of Faces 2 Curious Cadaver

Caught Red Branched

Red mana symbol Green mana symbol White mana symbol

All of Ravnica leads to the great tree Vitu-Ghazi, as do all the clues! Trostani has been found at the center of a deadly plot, making murderers of Ravnica's citizens. Build up to the powerful creatures in this deck to make for an exciting finish. Trostani, Three Whispers uses flexible buffs to give strong cards like Anzrag, the Quake-Mole and Tolsimir, Midnight's Light the power they need to close the case and finish the game.

Trostani, Three Whispers
Anzrag, the Quake-Mole
Tolsimir, Midnight's Light
4 Commercial District 5 Plains 4 Lush Portico 1 Branch of Vitu-Ghazi 2 Anzrag, the Quake-Mole 7 Forest 2 Trostani, Three Whispers 2 Elegant Parlor 2 Tolsimir, Midnight's Light 2 Worldsoul's Rage 1 Unyielding Gatekeeper 1 Audience with Trostani 2 Neighborhood Guardian 1 Mountain 2 Nervous Gardener 2 Greenbelt Radical 2 Inside Source 2 Museum Nightwatch 2 Aftermath Analyst 2 Makeshift Binding 2 Escape Tunnel 3 Hard-Hitting Question 2 Rubblebelt Maverick 2 Tunnel Tipster 2 They Went This Way 1 Caught Red-Handed

Non-Event Story Decks

Beware the Wolf

Brawl Deck

Tolsimir is the elven protector of the Selesnya guild, but now his beloved wolf companion Voja stands at the forefront. This Voja deck teams up two powerful creature types, Elves and Wolves, into one powerful deck. Voja, Jaws of the Conclave grows creatures with counters equal to the number of Elves you control and draws cards equal to the number of Wolves you control, making defending Selesnya a breeze, while their trusty partner Tolsimir comes along for the ride!

Voja, Jaws of the Conclave
Arlinn Kord
Delina, Wild Mage
1 Voja, Jaws of the Conclave 1 Tolsimir, Midnight's Light 9 Forest 6 Mountain 8 Plains 1 Tolsimir, Friend to Wolves 1 Llanowar Elves 1 Delina, Wild Mage 1 Elvish Mystic 1 Pelt Collector 1 Aftermath Analyst 1 Gala Greeters 1 Wildborn Preserver 1 Marwyn, the Nurturer 1 Selvala, Heart of the Wilds 1 Beast Whisperer 1 Elven Ambush 1 Elturgard Ranger 1 Radha, Heart of Keld 1 Grand Warlord Radha 1 Rhys the Redeemed 1 Assure // Assemble 1 Conclave Guildmage 1 Queen Allenal of Ruadach 1 Rocco, Cabaretti Caterer 1 Young Wolf 1 Packsong Pup 1 Ranger Class 1 Wolfwillow Haven 1 Ferocious Pup 1 Varis, Silverymoon Ranger 1 Pack Guardian 1 Wolfkin Bond 1 Flourishing Hunter 1 Arlinn, the Pack's Hope 1 Sword of Body and Mind 1 Arlinn Kord 1 Ephemerate 1 Gods Willing 1 Teferi's Protection 1 Topple the Statue 1 Fumigate 1 Barge In 1 Lightning Bolt 1 Galvanize 1 Shock 1 Torch the Witness 1 Hard-Hitting Question 1 Archdruid's Charm 1 Vitu-Ghazi Inspector 1 Break Out 1 Commercial District 1 Lush Portico 1 Buried in the Garden 1 Spark Rupture 1 Anointed Procession 1 Hardened Scales 1 Ozolith, the Shattered Spire 1 Song of Freyalise 1 Guardian Project 1 Parallel Lives 1 Doubling Season 1 The Great Henge 1 Rhythm of the Wild 1 Warleader's Call 1 Elegant Parlor 1 Jetmir's Garden 1 Restless Prairie 1 Restless Bivouac 1 Restless Ridgeline 1 Game Trail 1 Gruul Guildgate 1 Boros Guildgate 1 Selesnya Guildgate 1 Temple Garden 1 Sacred Foundry 1 Stomping Ground 1 Rootbound Crag 1 Clifftop Retreat 1 Canopy Vista