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"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts." —Aristotle Matt plays an Island into first-turn Delver of Secrets. Brian wrinkles his nose; lays his land; studies his hand to ensure that, no, he really doesn't have an answer to this particular 1/1 on...

Virtual Card Advantage

As you might have ascertained from previous installments of Level One, card advantage in general is the backbone of Magic strategy. Although card advantage is not the be-all and end-all of how you should play any game of Magic, its persistent position...

Life as a Resource (Generally)

Patrick plays his second Mountain, drops an Ash Zealot, and screams into the red zone. Abigail looks at her hand and the Doom Blade in it. She led on a Watery Grave and can put that Ash Zealot into the graveyard... But just nods instead. "I'll take 2...


Please note: The card images as they appear here are not as they will appear in Vintage Masters, which will use the modern card frames, Power Nine art from the Magic Online Cube, and new art for a number of cards. Actual card images will be posted soon...
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