Welcome to Thunder Junction! Don't mind the tumblewaggs and step inside for a seat—we'd like to introduce you to the main crew and face commanders of the rootinest, tootinest Magic set around. (We checked.) Their story is one worth reading, and you can check out the entire Outlaws of Thunder Junction story now.

If you're excited to see and play with them in game, then good news: Prerelease events at local WPN game stores near you are your first chance to begin assembling your crew. (You can even get a head start with our Outlaws of Thunder Junction Prerelease Primer to be ready.) Check out all their cards below, and we'll see you around here in Thunder Junction.


0223_MTGOTJ_Main: Oko, the Ringleader 0296_MTGOTJ_Wanted: Oko, the Ringleader 0305_MTGOTJ_BrdlsPW: Oko, the Ringleader

Oko is one of the most extraordinary beings in the Multiverse—according to Oko. A fae Planeswalker with a knack for transformation and mind-muddling magics, Oko could be anyone, anywhere, at any time (but there's no one he likes being more than his smug, shirtless self). Oko's job is simple: break into the unbreakable vault that floats above the Hellspur city of Tarnation without incurring the wrath of the scorpion dragon outlaw who wants the same thing. Easy! He just needs a team …


0213_MTGOTJ_Main: Kellan, the Kid 0294_MTGOTJ_Wanted: Kellan, the Kid

Just a kid from Eldraine, Kellan has traveled the Multiverse in search of his father: Oko. After all this time, he's managed to learn a thing or two about himself—including a host of fae powers. Having arrived on Thunder Junction, he's still trying to answer the big questions: "What's my father like? Will he like me? Will I like him?" Kellan, we're afraid you might not like the answers.

Annie Flash

0190_MTGOTJ_Main: Annie Flash, the Veteran 0291_MTGOTJ_Wanted: Annie Flash, the Veteran

Annie Flash is an Atiin nomad and a former Freestrider. She retired when a job went badly, and her nephew was severely wounded by the dragon Akul. Afterwards, she swore she'd live a normal life—but not before burying her thunder rifle in the backyard in case of emergency. She managed a few months of domestic normalcy before Oko came knocking on her door with an offer she couldn't refuse: a chance to take her revenge on Akul once and for all.


0237_MTGOTJ_Main: Vraska, the Silencer 0299_MTGOTJ_Wanted: Vraska, the Silencer

By all accounts, Vraska shouldn't be here. The last time we saw the former Planeswalker, she had been corrupted by the evil Phyrexians and turned into one of their own. Fused with metal and corrupted beyond recognition, somehow Vraska has returned to her former body and former self—only without her Planeswalker's spark. Vraska's here on Ashiok's behalf, a special fixer with a task only the two of them know about.


0226_MTGOTJ_Main: Rakdos, the Muscle 0297_MTGOTJ_Wanted: Rakdos, the Muscle

Rakdos is the guildmaster of the Cult of Rakdos on Ravnica. As powerful as he is ancient, Rakdos isn't always a danger to those around him—only when he gets bored. Much of the Cult of Rakdos's activities are designed to keep their leader entertained. Oko promised Rakdos that there was new excitement to be had on Thunder Junction, so Rakdos agreed to temporarily play along. One way or the other, he's going to make a killing.


0109_MTGOTJ_Main: Tinybones, the Pickpocket 0290_MTGOTJ_Wanted: Tinybones, the Pickpocket

Chittering skeleton and resident Little Guy, Tinybones hails from the Urborg region of Dominaria. Unlife isn't easy in Urborg, so Tinybones banded together with some other ghoulies to form an ersatz family. To support his family, Tinybones turned to a life of crime. He probably would have turned to a life of crime anyway, but he was grateful to have an excuse. Infamous for his thieving skills, word of his exploits reached even Oko's ears, who realized this little guy could have a big impact on his schemes.

Malcolm and Breeches

0219_MTGOTJ_Main: Malcolm, the Eyes 0295_MTGOTJ_Wanted: Malcolm, the Eyes 0197_MTGOTJ_Main: Breeches, the Blastmaker 0292_MTGOTJ_Wanted: Breeches, the Blastmaker

Malcolm and Breeches are former members of Vraska's pirate crew on Ixalan, serving on the ship Belligerent. They're also best friends! They find themselves working with Vraska once again, having joined Oko's heist on her request. Malcolm, a siren, is able to fly through the sky and keep lookout. Breeches, a goblin, loves to blow stuff up. Thunder Junction has beautiful skies to explore and beautiful vistas to explode—the boys will fit right in.


0202_MTGOTJ_Main: Eriette, the Beguiler 0293_MTGOTJ_Wanted: Eriette, the Beguiler

Eriette is one of three witches who cast a spell of slumber upon the plane of Eldraine to save it from the invading Phyrexians. She and her sisters decided not to lift the curse in order to seize power for themselves. Their plans were thwarted and Eriette was imprisoned, only to be freed by the mysterious Planeswalker Ashiok. In return, Ashiok requested she take part in Oko's heist, where her mesmeric abilities will open many doors.

Satoru Umezawa

0230_MTGOTJ_Main: Satoru, the Infiltrator 0298_MTGOTJ_Wanted: Satoru, the Infiltrator

Satoru is the leader of the Hyozan Reckoners on the plane of Kamigawa. Ruthless and efficient, he is a master ninja covered in magical tattoos that he can freely manipulate. Always seeking to expand his influence, Satoru was the first of his gang through the Thunder Junction Omenpath. Unimpressed with what he saw, he was intercepted by Oko on his way out. Oko promised him a piece of the prize: magical technology from the vault unlike anything Kamigawa has ever seen.


0092_MTGOTJ_Main: Kaervek, the Punisher 0289_MTGOTJ_Wanted: Kaervek, the Punisher

Thousands of years ago, the warlock Kaervek had designs on the continent of Jamuraa on the plane of Dominaria. He was defeated and sealed away in an amber prison. Said prison was then phased out of existence alongside the entire kingdom of Zhalfir. Zhalfir recently returned to the Multiverse, and Kaervek along with it. In the chaos of Zhalfir's return, Kaervek escaped his prison and slipped through an Omenpath to Thunder Junction. While he might lend Oko his services as he finds his bearings, Kaervek's conquering days are certainly not behind him.

Gisa and Geralf Cecani

0089_MTGOTJ_Main: Gisa, the Hellraiser 0288_MTGOTJ_Wanted: Gisa, the Hellraiser 0050_MTGOTJ_Main: Geralf, the Fleshwright 0287_MTGOTJ_Wanted: Geralf, the Fleshwright

Gisa and Geralf present an airtight argument for the need for therapy on Innistrad. The siblings are both necromancers by trade, although they take different approaches—Gisa relies on magic, while Geralf is the mad-scientist type. The two participate in what they refer to as "NecroWarfare," a rivalry where they essentially throw zombies at each other until Gisa gets bored. They each accepted Oko's offer for different reasons: Geralf so he could study the workings of a new plane, and Gisa because she wasn't going to watch Geralf get killed without her.


0004_MTGOTJ_CommFace: Yuma, Proud Protector

Yuma came to Thunder Junction looking for a new start. A former enforcer for a crime family on New Capenna, Yuma is a skilled fighter with the unique ability to talk to plants. Usually, the plants are happy to listen and help him out in a pinch, but he hasn't grasped the language of Thunder Junction's flora quite yet. Yuma is true to himself and his beliefs, and he will always do what he thinks is right—a tendency that put him on the wrong side of his former employers. After escaping to Thunder Junction, Yuma found a new life and a new purpose: a hungry and bawling baby cactusfolk, lost and alone.

Stella Lee

0003_MTGOTJ_CommFace: Stella Lee, Wild Card

Stella is a young, curious, and daring rogue from a group of far-sojourners, the Atiin. The opening of the Multiverse has been a boon to the Atiin culture's traveling practice. All through her young life, Stella traveled the vast and rolling panoramas of her home plane. When the first Omenpaths opened, the Atiin people continued their nomadic journey. Why not see what else new lands offered?

Stella's travels through the Omenpaths honed her skills in knife throwing, acrobatics, and magic. On Thunder Junction, Stella finally found a place that could satisfy her passion for thrill seeking. Knowing others underestimate her small stature, Stella would easily win duels and leave her opponents on their backs in the dust. Worried that she'll someday be bested (or worse, laughed at), Stella carries a bit of "insurance": a luck-granting artifact that she found on Thunder Junction made from warm metal looped in complex knots.


0001_MTGOTJ_CommFace: Gonti, Canny Acquisitor

A wealth of stable Omenpaths appeared in and around the city of Ghirapur after the Phyrexian War. The city is poised to become a center—if not the center—of Multiverse trade, travel, and industry. After some arm-twisting, Gonti found their way into an official post as one of the plane's Multiverse emissaries.

Now in their satellite office on Thunder Junction, Gonti works along two tracks. Their first project focuses on advancing Kaladesh's interests on Thunder Junction by promoting its culture and industries. Their second project advances Gonti's own interests on Thunder Junction and back home by promoting their own endeavors and industries. In time, they'll be called back to Ghirapur to report their contracts and findings, but until then, they plan to take advantage of the frontier and all its wild, untapped potential.

Olivia Voldaren

0002_MTGOTJ_CommFace: Olivia, Opulent Outlaw

Enraged by her ruined wedding and failed attempt to usurp all vampiric power on her home plane, Olivia Voldaren decided to take some time for herself and blow off steam by breaking and taking anything she wants somewhere that pesky heroes won't interfere. On Thunder Junction, she's found the perfect place to unwind by causing a little bit of chaos—let out some of that frustration, repair her sanguine bridal train with fresh souls, and plan her next move.

Of course, Olivia's vanity wouldn't let her settle for a solitary vacation to a remote plane. She found a population of like-minded individuals on Thunder Junction made up of frustrated cast-offs foiled by the law, their rivals, or themselves. These misfits might have been lost or scattered to a new land with more ideas than plans, but they all did at least one thing right: when Olivia spoke, they listened. Once more a queen of hungry and deadly subjects, Olivia is turning her relaxing vacation into a productive one.

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