Next week, I'm going to update my "Mechanical Color Pie" article from 2017, complete with an extensive list of every change and a separate article with commentary from me about the changes. To get us all ready, I thought I'd make today's article a resource for all the color pie material, articles, and podcasts I've ever produced (it's a lot).


First up, my original series of five articles about color pie philosophy. These are very early articles and are a little raw, but it's fun to see how I first talked about the colors.

"The Great White Way"

"True Blue"

"In the Black"

"Seeing Red"

"It's Not Easy Being Green"

Next up, my five articles revisiting these original five articles. These are much more up to date in my thinking on color pie philosophy.

"The Great White Way Revisited"

"True Blue Revisited"

"In the Black Revisited"

"Seeing Red Revisited"

"It's Not Easy Being Green Revisited"

Next is a series of articles I wrote for three-color arc/shard theme weeks. In them, I interview the center color and have them talk in their own voice about what they believe and how they feel about the other colors. I've discovered talking in the color's voice has helped people better understand what they care about.

"Peace, Love, and Understanding"

"Striving for Perfection"

"Looking Out for Number One"

"Following Your Heart"

"Searching Within"

This next batch of articles are from three-color wedge weeks. In these articles, I interview all three colors from the wedge and let them interact. The interactions do an interesting job of showing how they feel about one another.

White-Black-Green – "We Will Survive"

Blue-Red-White – "Smart Thinking"

Black-Green-Blue – "Whatever It Takes"

Red-White-Black – "Finishing First"

Green-Blue-Red – "What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger"

The following ten articles are from when original Ravnica block came out and I talk about each of the ten color pairs.

White-Blue – "Slow and Steady"

Blue-Black – "Pretty Sneaky Sis"

Black-Red – "Hedonism with Attitude"

Red-Green – "Aaaargh!!!"

Green-White – "Group Think"

White-Black – "Playing by Their Own Rules"

Blue-Red – "Creative Differences"

Black-Green – "Life and Death"

Red-White – "Disorderly Conduct"

Green-Blue – "Improving on Nature"

Now that we've finished all the cycled articles, here are various individual articles on the color pie. First up, two articles that explain why the color pie is important to the game.

"The Value of Pie"

"Bursting with Flavor"

Next is an article about why colors are allies with one another.

"Thank You for Being a Friend"

Here are two articles talking about why the colors are enemies with one another.

"Hate Is Enough"

"Pie Fights"

These last three articles are all ones where I have the colors talk in their own voices. The first two are mailbag columns where the colors answer questions from the players. The last is a humor column where I and the colors all message one another.

"Colorful Replies"

"Return of Colorful Replies"

"IM Legend"


The first five podcasts are on the general color pie philosophies of each color. These five podcasts have been transcribed for those who prefer to read than listen.

#26 – White


#35 – Blue


#52 – Black


#65 – Red


#79 – Green


The next five podcasts are what I call my "Color Talk" series. In each one, I talk as the color to let the audience hear the color from its own perspective. You can see how the color sees the world, expresses its own philosophy, and views the other colors.

#569 – White Speaks

#570 – Blue Speaks

#571 – Black Speaks

#572 – Red Speaks

#573 – Green Speaks

In these ten podcasts, I talk about two-color pairs and how the combination of the colors defines their philosophy.

#702 – White-Blue Philosophy

#706 – Blue-Black Philosophy

#709 – Black-Red Philosophy

#714 – Red-Green Philosophy

#718 – Green-White Philosophy

#721 – White-Black Philosophy

#726 – Blue-Red Philosophy

#766 – Black-Green Philosophy

#782 – Red-White Philosophy

#796 – Green-Blue Philosophy

These ten podcasts are about the ten Ravnica guilds, but as their identity is tied into color philosophy, I think they're worth a listen to color pie philosophy fans.

#615 – Azorius (White-Blue)

#594 – Dimir (Blue-Black)

#616 – Rakdos (Black-Red)

#617 – Gruul (Red-Green)

#595 – Selesnya (Green-White)

#620 – Orzhov (White-Black)

#596 – Izzet (Blue-Red)

#598 – Golgari (Black-Green)

#599 – Boros (Red-White)

#621 – Simic (Green-Blue)

Next is a podcast where I explain the importance of the color pie (as part of a three-part series where I explained what I consider to be the three great inventions of Richard Garfield when he made Magic—the other two concern TCGs as a genre and the mana system).

#23 – Color Pie

These next two podcasts explain the color pie conflicts and alliances.

#402 – Color Pie Conflicts

#403 – Color Pie Alliances

This podcast talks about the "Mechanical Color Pie" article and how I made it.

#456 – Mechanical Color Pie

This podcast is a follow-up on the mechanical color pie where I explain how each color deals with a subset of effects, things that help you deal with other creatures.

#457 – Color Pie: Dealing with Creatures

Here's an article where I talk about the Council of Colors and explain how we monitor the color pie.

#385 – Council of Colors

This podcast talks about how we label abilities outside the normal slice of a color.

#610 – Color Pie Bends and Breaks

This podcast talks about how we decide to mechanically make a change in a color.

#679 – Changing the Color Pie

And those are the links to all the color pie articles or podcasts I could think of. I hope this will allow many of you to read or listen to new information on the color pie.

Join me next week for the new mechanical color pie article.

Until then, may you have many hours of info to absorb.