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By Wizards of the Coast

by Adrian Sullivan

As the players wandered about the Queen Mary, I took a few minutes to talk to the Pros about what colors they were really excited about playing in their first draft. A number of different strategies are popular in Invasion Booster draft, but it seems none rival the favorite, Black/Blue.

"If I had my choice," said Sigurd Eskeland, "I'd be playing Black/Blue, but I'm not expecting to be able to get it."

Over half of the players polled agreed - Black/Blue should be the way to go, but many of them agreed that they might have to fight to get those colors. Black/Blue was so popular, in fact, that more players preferred Black/Blue to every other color combination combined. This color combination could be very versatile, from being a controlling deck able to use mass discard and elimination, to beatdown decks that would be able to drop a few fast creatures and then maintain enough time control to kill before the game gets out of hand.

Other popular choices were Blue/White/Green and Black/Red. Blue/White/Green decks can be very versatile, but they also have access to Protection from Black creatures such as Obsidian Acolytes. Black/Red decks are often extremely aggressive and make up for their weak creatures by having fistfuls of direct damage or creature removal.

"I'd like to go Black/Blue like a lot of the other Pros here," mentions Californian Pro Alan Comer. "But, I think Green is really underrated by Pro Players, and so I might just try to sneak into that."

Green is indeed unpopular. Only 20% of players even mentioned thinking about Green, an incredibly low amount compared to the other colors: Blue, 70%; Black, 70%, Red, 40%; White, 35%. Popular Internet columnist Toby Wachter even has gone so far to suggest that he "would not touch green mana symbols."

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