Making Magic

Constraints and Defaults

by Mark Rosewater July 15 2019

Two things form the framework for good rulemaking in game design: constraints and defaults.

Play Design

The M-Files: Core Set 2020 – White, Blue, Black

by Melissa DeTora July 12 2019

Melissa dives into the card design database to share a behind-the-scenes look at Core Set 2020 cards during development.


Magic at San Diego Comic-Con 2019!

by Wizards of the Coast July 11 2019

We're celebrating all things M20 and Chandra at SDCC (San Diego Chandra-Con?). Read all about what we're up to next weekend.

Magic Digital

Developer Update: Core Set 2020

by Chris Cao July 10 2019

Upcoming changes to the Magic: The Gathering Arena's Mastery System, performance improvements and more. 

How to Play Limited

Core Set 2020 Draft First Picks

by Luis Scott-Vargas July 10 2019

Hall of Fame pro Luis explains his tiers for the best first-pick cards in Core Set 2020.


Cavalier of Night

by Viktor Titov July 10 2019

Bring digital versions of Magic's best artwork home with quality, high-resolution images uploaded weekly to use as the wallpaper or background for your computer, tablet, or phone.

Magic Online

Magic Online Announcements, July 9, 2019

by Wizards of the Coast July 9 2019

Every Tuesday, we round up all the biggest Magic Online news for the Weekly Announcements Blog.

How to Play Limited

Exploring Core Set 2020 for the First Time

by Marshall Sutcliffe July 9 2019

Marshall explains how to look at Core Set 2020 and find the patterns for Limited play.

Making Magic

What Core Can I Say? – Part 2

by Mark Rosewater July 8 2019

Mark continues sharing his card-by-card design stories from Core Set 2020.

Competitive Gaming

July Magic Tournament Rules Release Notes

by Scott Larabee July 8 2019

Scott explains updates to the Magic Tournament Rules.

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